Entrepreneurship courses are appropriate for anyone interested in starting and growing a successful business. Learn the theory and practice of entrepreneurship, frameworks for social entrepreneurship, and how to foster a culture of innovation to help your business stay ahead.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Entrepreneurship

  • Entrepreneurship isn't just a trendy buzzword - it's a powerful force for innovation that is changing our world and creating new business opportunities every day. Entrepreneurs create new businesses, whether it's inventing new products, offering new types of services, or simply developing new processes for connecting existing goods and services to markets.

    Today, we often associate entrepreneurship with the tech industry and venture capital-backed startups like Facebook and Tesla (and their superstar founders Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk). However, this skill can be relevant regardless of your career path; social entrepreneurship is essential for non-profit founders, corporate entrepreneurship can help drive innovation and spin-off divisions from within established multinational giants, and everyday small business owners can take their company to the next level with entrepreneurial skills.