Using a Glicko-based Algorithm to Measure In-Course Learning

How much can you learn from an online course? What does that mean for the skills you do know, or how learners compare against others, especially if they complete different courses?

First published through the 2019 proceedings of the Educational Data Mining Conference, the following whitepaper, titled “Using a Glicko-based Algorithm to Measure In-Course Learning,” examines a system that can estimate how a learner’s skills grow as they make progress through Coursera’s courses.

In this whitepaper, you will learn:

  • How we determine which courses, such as Machine Learning, are the most challenging and who has the most substantial skill capabilities
  • How Coursera’s massive set of over 50 million learners lets us track which skills countries and industries excel—or lag—in our annual Global Skills Index
  • How companies who partner with Coursera can see how well their employees are learning different skills and what skills their company needs to build to succeed in the future of work

Download our free whitepaper to find out how Coursera’s Glicko-based algorithm provides valuable insight to employers, educators, and government officials.