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    of HR professionals cited leadership development as a top priority for business success
    Leadership development is the 2nd highest of 32 priorities indicated by HR professionals.

    Why Leadership Skills?

    Promote leadership skills throughout your organization

    Provide employees the skills to lead your business into the future. Drive growth and productivity across the organization with more effective managers at every level.

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      In-Demand Human Skills

      Deliver essential skills for leaders of all levels

      Build effective managers at every level with beginner and advanced level leadership content, including 40+ SkillSets to drive soft skill proficiency across the entire organization.

      Adapting Communication Style for Everyone

      Skills Acquired

      • Business Communication
      • Adaptability
      • Writing
      • Social Media
      • Business Psychology

      Grow employee skills with recommended courses

      • Ask Questions to Make Data-Driven Decisions
      • Adaptability and Resilience
      • Identifying, Attracting and Growing Your Digital Audience

      In Partnership With

      • University of California Irvine Course Logo
      • Google leader logo
      • Georgia Institute of Technology
      • Goldman Sachs
      • Institute of Certified Professional Managers

      Data-driven Storytelling for Everyone

      Skills Acquired

      • Data Analysis
      • Storytelling
      • Business Communication
      • Strategy, Data Visualization

      Grow employee skills with recommended courses

      • Presentations: Speaking so that People Listen
      • Storytelling and Influencing: Communicate with Impact
      • Work Smarter with Microsoft Excel

      In Partnership With

      • Microsoft
      • IBM Logo
      • Wesleyan University

      Emotional Intelligence for Everyone

      Skills Acquired

      • Emotional Intelligence
      • Leadership and Management

      Grow employee skills with recommended courses

      • Modern Supervisor Skills
      • Critical Thinking Skills for the Professional
      • Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects

      In Partnership With

      • Deep Teaching Solutions
      • Institute of Certified Professional Managers
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      • Rice University
      • University of Michigan

      Expert Instruction

      Learn from top professors and business leaders

      Access world-class learning experiences delivered by top professors and industry experts.

      Michael Useem

      Professor Emeritus of Management

      Laurie Santos

      Professor of Psychology

      Michael Barger

      Co-founder JetBlue, and Professor of Management and Organization

      Amane Dannouni

      Managing Director and Partner

      Laurence Lehmann Ortega

      Professor of Strategic Management

      Hands-On Learning

      Engage learners with interactive leadership training

      Help employees learn new leadership skills faster with side-by-side, interactive tutorials covering highly relevant leadership skills and tools. Example tutorials include:

      • Remote Employee Onboarding with Eduflow
      • Set the Right Strategy with BCG Matrix
      • Change Leadership: Developing Strategic Gap Analysis in Miro
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      Measuring and Benchmarking

      Track the success of your learning investment

      Understand your organization’s development in communication, storytelling, and coaching, and build stronger competitive intelligence by understanding how your talent’s skill profiles compare against your industry.

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        Develop leaders from within your workforce

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