Upskilling Data Science & Analytics Teams

Business leaders are keenly aware of the opportunity: being data-first unlocks smarter decisions faster, drives revenue growth, and improves margins. Everyone’s talking about the benefits, but how many organizations have the right strategy to truly drive that transformation?

Data alone is not enough. A key to becoming data-first is ensuring that your teams build and maintain the in-demand skills needed to stay competitive and that your organization creates a pipeline of talent for the future.

Listen to this webinar and learn how Coursera’s Data Science Academy can fast track your organization’s digital transformation with advanced training and upskilling for data teams. By attending the webinar, you will:

  • Uncover what the most productive data teams look like—and how their skills translate to business impact
  • Understand how to match your data and analytics employees with most relevant skills they need to excel
  • See how to track the skill mastery of your learners across core data concepts like statistics and ML