Data Insights: How Your Employees Are Fighting The Skills Gap

Data skills aren’t just for data scientists anymore. The explosion of data has created a real and heightened need for new tools, technologies, and methods throughout organizations to harness its value, in turn leaving individuals and companies clamoring for the latest skills to stay productive and competitive in the market. Across a variety of major functions, individuals are responding to market needs and developing their data skills. With the rapid rate of change in the age of digital transformation, learning only at the beginning of our working lives is no longer a viable option. It’s no surprise that the technology industry tops the chart with over one-third of learning happening in the data domain, but the financial services and information industries are not far behind.

Join Ian Stuart, Head of L & D at Coursera and Vinod Bakthavachalam, Data Scientist at Coursera as they discuss the future of skills in the workplace—and how your employees are already upskilling themselves.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to identify employees who have the requisite skills your company needs
  • What skills your employees are learning
  • How much those skills are worth in the market