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Current Issues in Education

In this course, you will gain familiarity with current issues and trends in education, including educational innovation, internationalization, digitalization, and educational policy. You’ll learn to critically reflect on current issues in education and their impact on your own professional practice.

Language, Culture and Professional Communication

In this course, you’ll study topical issues of language and culture and analyze difficulties faced by teachers and managers. You’ll also examine the features of English structure and functioning as you build familiarity with various levels of language as a system—phonetics, morphology, semantics, pragmatics, sociolinguistic aspects, and more. You’ll build tolerance and respect for cultural values, and develop competence in professional communication.

TESOL Theory and Practice

In this course, you’ll get an introduction to key issues in TESOL. You’ll master practical methods of teaching English and study the structural components of a lesson and the role of pedagogical support (scaffolding) in teaching language skills. You’ll also develop your ability to create tasks and learning situations for practicing language skills and receive a critical overview of various approaches to teaching a foreign language.

Research Methods in Education

In this course, you’ll master practice-oriented research techniques necessary for the organization of effective educational research—techniques that enable teachers to obtain reliable results and use them reflexively in educational practice. You’ll also benefit from a systematic review of the methodologies and methods of educational research.

Learning Design and Leadership

In this course, you’ll gain knowledge, skills, and abilities in learning design. You’ll focus on learning outcomes and establishing means of analyzing the results of learning, and evaluating and improving educational materials. You’ll also examine modern approaches and methods of developing educational materials, taking into account educational policy and the learning process.

Teaching English in Different Contexts

In this course, you’ll develop skills related to the use of English in a wide range of contexts and professional spheres and for different purposes. You’ll learn universal learning activities, and develop skills necessary to prepare for the most popular English exams.

Management in Language Education

In this course, you’ll become familiar with current management practices in language education, including academic management, project management, team leadership, and the effective use of marketing in the practical activities of educational institutions.

When you graduate, you’ll be able to

  1. Apply a range of theoretical principles and practical approaches to your own teaching and lay foundations for originality in your own language classroom.
  2. Design and deliver courses and lessons effectively in diverse TESOL contexts, in a manner aligned with recent trends in English as a second language content design.
  3. Select, evaluate, and adapt resources, materials, and activities based on course and lesson aims and learner needs.
  4. Design your professional development strategy and manage your professional activity in selected TESOL contexts.
  5. Interact and network with peers effectively.
  6. Establish and lead effective TESOL management systems in digital and traditional classroom settings worldwide.
  7. Lead teams of TESOL professionals and manage their work.

Recognition by the Chartered Institute of Linguists

The Chartered Institute of Linguists (UK) is pleased to confer Recognised Programme status on the Tomsk State University’s Global MA in ELT Leadership. The program combines academic theory and learning with professional practice and experience to serve those wishing to become experts in a specific ELT area or ELT manager. Graduates of the program will have the knowledge and expertise to become leaders in educational management and the language learning sector.

The Chartered Institute of Linguists 2021

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Program Length

This program is on a fixed timeline and is completed in 24 months.


We estimate the necessary time commitment to be approximately 10-12 hours per week. The program is designed to offer maximum flexibility so you can effectively balance learning with your other obligations and commitments.

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