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Who is the Master of Data and Network Analytics for?

Data analytics is for anyone who wants to learn to use any type of available data, especially unstructured (text) and connected (network) data, to make better-informed decisions in academia, professional, and everyday life. While this program is open to academics, it is especially beneficial for professionals from the industry and governmental sector, as the program can provide applicable uses to practical cases using state-of-the-art approaches to data acquisition, data description, data visualization, and prediction and prescription.

Cohorts and Deadlines:

Applications for the Fall 2021 cohort are now closed. The Fall 2021 cohort will start on September 1, 2021.

Admission Requirements & Process

To be eligible for the programme, applicants must have an eligible bachelor's, master’s or specialist’s degree.

Application process

Step 1: Submit the application form

To get access to your account, click on one of the following links, based on your citizenship:

Approximately within an hour, you will receive your login and password to sign in. Fill out and submit your application form. While submitting an application please pay attention to the title of the program "Master of Data and Network Analytics".

Step 2: Fill out and sign documents in your personal account

Once you receive your login and password to access the application portal, complete and sign copies of the following documents (All documents will be available in the account): 1. Consent for Personal Data Processing 2. Agreement between Participants of Electronic Communications 3. Admission form

Scanned copies can be uploaded to the online application.

Step 3: Portfolio

Once you have received your login and password, you can submit your portfolio components.

Mandatory components:

  1. Proof of education (Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, or Specialist’s Degree). A scanned copy of a diploma will suffice.
  2. Motivation letter / Personal Statement.
  3. Letters of recommendation.
  4. Cover letter with your education and professional experience (resume or curriculum vita).
  5. Proof of English language proficiency (The proof is not required if your native language is English, or if you have studied in English. The hours of English taken at the university are also taken into account. TOEFL, IELTS or equivalent tests are optional).

Optional components:

  1. Other indicators of the applicant's success. Any additional statements of your academic and professional achievements, such as awards (diplomas, letters of appreciation, etc.), membership in academic and professional communities, leadership of teams or projects (work or study), etc.
  2. Extracurricular activities such as volunteering and community service.
  3. Standardized tests taken in English (GMAT, GRE or equivalent).
  4. Additional education: online courses certificates, summer schools, advanced training courses.

Step 4: HSE's Response

After receiving your documents, we will review them and make an interview appointment.

Note: If you are successfully admitted to the program, you will need to submit the following documents to HSE in order to officially enroll. We recommend that you prepare them early:

  • Academic diploma with supplements/transcript
  • Notarized translation of diploma with supplements/transcript into Russian
  • Passport/ID
  • Notarized translation of Passport/ID into Russian
  • Legalization of documents

Questions about the admissions process or the program? Please do not hesitate to contact as well as through our manager Olga Roslyakova (

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We encourage you to investigate whether this degree meets your academic and/or professional needs before applying.