2021 EDITION  Coursera's Global Skills Report

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Get data-driven insights into the world’s top skills trends.

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About the Coursera Skills Reports

The Coursera Skills Reports explore skill trends worldwide, helping leaders in higher education, business, and government learn which skills are essential for the future of work. Through Coursera’s unique data methodology, the reports benchmark skill proficiencies in business, technology, and data science across 77 million learners, 4,000 campuses, 2,000 businesses, and 100 governments using the Coursera platform.

Explore the world’s most in-demand skills

The Global Skills Report analyzes skill trends for 100+ countries around the world.

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Explore the world’s most in-demand skills

Global Skills Report

Find out how your country ranks in critical skills.

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Create new pathways for long-term growth

Skills connected to jobs of the future are more accessible than commonly thought. Instead of taking months or even years, learners can develop skill sets needed to thrive in a digital economy in as little as 35 hours.

The Global Skills Report sheds light on these new pathways by providing insights into which skills individuals need to compete for jobs in rapidly changing industries analyzed in the World Economic Forum’s The Future of Jobs Report 2020.

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Coming September 2021

Industry Skills Report

In this second installment of the series, learning and business leaders can gain an inside look at skill proficiencies across 10 leading industries and discover drivers of post-COVID digital job growth.

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Industry Skills Report
Coming December 2021

Campus Skills Report

The final report in the series demonstrates how higher education institutions can implement a skills-first approach to advance their curriculum and help students prepare for the jobs of tomorrow.

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Campus Skills Report