Mira Bergelson is professor at the Philological Faculty, Higher School of Economics. Her research interests include cognitive foundations and linguistic aspects of communication, neurolinguistics, cross-cultural pragmatics and discourse.

Professor Bergelson received her Ph.D. in linguistics from the Russian Academy of Sciences for a grammar description of one African language (Bamana). Her second doctoral dissertation focused on the sociocultural pragmatics in language and discourse.Mira’s other fields of expertise are international education and communication. Her professional experiences are very diverse with the focus on effective communication and importance of cultural knowledge, which lie in the heart of professionalcommunication.

Mira is a very culturally adaptable person. She has proven that through working in such a variety of settings as Russian academic institutions, American universities, a remote Siberian town, an Alaskan village, a US embassy, and the Kremlin press-office. In her work as a cultural consultant for public organizations, state institutions and corporations Mira tackled cross-cultural communication from both ends as an educator and as a participant.

She has taught Cross-cultural Management to MBA students in the Moscow-based American business school and Communication with Russians in Professional Contexts to an international body of students in Helsinki. She has worked as a consultant for the US White House advance teams and for Russian Federation Presidential Executive Office. Mira was born and brought up in Moscow where she has always lived except for a few years of studies and research in the US and Germany. She considers herself bicultural and is fluent in Russian and English and speaks basic German and French. She has researched a variety of indigenous languages and cultures of Russia in the Caucasus, Eastern Siberia and Far East.

Мира Борисовна Бергельсон закончила отделение структурной и прикладной лингвистики филологического факультет МГУ им. М.В.Ломоносова в 1979 году, до 1987 года работала во Всесоюзном центре переводов, затем в Институте русского языка им. В.В. Виноградова (ИРЯ РАН), с 1997 по 2013 год преподавала на факультете иностранных языков и регионоведения МГУ имени М.В, Ломоносова.

Ее кандидатская диссертация (1985 г.) была посвящена описанию грамматики одного африканского языка, а докторская (2006 г.) – социокультурной прагматике коммуникации. Обе диссертации она защищала в Институте языкознания РАН.

Родилась и выросла в Москве, помимо Москвы провела в общей сложности несколько лет в университетах США и Германии на стажировках и в экспедициях. Занималась полевой лингвистической работой на Кавказе, Камчатке, в Туве и на Аляске.

Последнее время занимается языковыми аспектами электронной и межкультурной коммуникации, кросс-культурной прагматикой, социокультурным анализом дискурса.