Ruzana Pskhu



Ruzana V. Pskhu, DSci, Professor of The Department of the History of Philosophy, Peoples’ Friendship University, Moscow, Russia Professional Interests: ✓ History of Arab Philosophy; ✓ Philosophy of translation; ✓ History of Indian Philosophy; Languages: ✓ The Arabic language (Diploma with honours) ✓ The English language (Diploma with honours) ✓ The French language ✓ The German language ✓ Latin, Sanskrit, ancient Greek languages She translated and published several medieval philosophical treatises from the Arabic, Sanskrit languages with commentaries, introductory articles and notes. The list of the main publications, including monographs, is posted on the site of the Oriental Studies: Participation in the conferences and seminars: International Conference “Sufism and Peace” (Pakistan, Islamabad, 2010), Annual seminar “Human Identity or Nature: Stable and/or Changing” Council for Research in Values and Philosophy (CRVP), (USA, Washington, 2010), RVP Spring Seminar “Philosophy and Mysticism between Europe and Asia: The Cosmopolitan Dimensions of Islamic Thought and Spirituality” (Notre Dame University-Louaize, Lebanon, 2011), The European Conference on Arts and Humanities (UK, Brighton, 2013), XXIII World Congress of Philosophy (Greece, 2013), International Conference “Tantric Studies” (Arizona, USA, 2016) etc.