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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Advanced Chemistry by University of Kentucky

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A chemistry course to cover selected topics covered in advanced high school chemistry courses, correlating to the standard topics as established by the American Chemical Society. Prerequisites: Students should have a background in basic chemistry including nomenclature, reactions, stoichiometry, molarity and thermochemistry....

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Aug 6, 2015

Excellent lecture videos with practice problems that are very helpful in recalling the chemical concepts. Really wish this course could offer at least an SOA so learners can be more motivated.


Jun 15, 2016

Excellent course. If you are struggling with high school chem, or need a good foundation for college chem - this course moves you through the concepts and gives you lots of practice problems.

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By Kushal b

Apr 30, 2020


By Morena S

Nov 1, 2020

I finished this course but i not have a certificate?

By krupal u

May 7, 2020

Give my certificate as soon as possible

By kondapaka s

May 19, 2020

no certificate


Nov 7, 2020

I completed this course but i didn't get any certificate

By Ryan O

Nov 6, 2016

A lot of calculation errors and incorrect answers

By Thushitha S

Jul 2, 2020

I have just finished the course and would like to get the certicate. I really disappointed.i couldn't get my certificate yet.

By narendran k

Jun 26, 2020

Not providing the certificate for this course, it would be better if you provide a certificate

By Ms. N k B

Jun 9, 2020

i have completed this course but i didn't get my certificate for this course

By Bayo-Banjoko O O

Jun 29, 2020

i have yet to receive certificate please what seems to be the problem

By Yogesh K T

Jul 6, 2020

Didn't receive certificate

By Edward T

Dec 4, 2015


By Mariana S

Dec 4, 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed this course, however I do think that it was a bit of a "TMI" for me. I have just done my GCSEs this May - June and I feel like I jumped into this course without carefully assessing the difficulty of it. The hardest part for me was to remember what happened in previous units, but I did not, in fact, have any trouble with comprehending the theory itself. I think this is an excellent course, but I would not recommend it to someone who has just finished their GCSEs and hasn't done any A-level work yet, as it does have a lot of information specifically on the A-level topics.

By M.R.T.

Jan 10, 2021

Amazing course. Full of exercises, videos, explanations, visual reactions taking place, lot's of enthusiasm. Perfect course. It covered a huge area of Chemistry. I highly recommend this course. For me it was was a refreshment since it has been 17 years since I received my diploma of Chemical Engineering. I fell refreshed...Thank you both lecturers: Allison Soult and Kim Woodrum.

By Brahmana M J S R

Jul 18, 2020

This Course will do not give certificates. So sad about it. But anyway excellent lecturers and they teaches very well. It is very easy to learn fast with practice problems. Also practical videos are very helpful to remember the facts. I recommend this course for everyone who wants to learn Advanced Chemistry.

By Nikita E

Aug 28, 2021

O​verall, that's a great course. The last chapter on thermodynamics was somewhat unclear to me though, and it has videos arranged in the wrong order.

If you work through this course you could find helpul the "Chemistry" book by Robinson, Mcmurry, Fay, for additional explanations and problems.

By Aaryavashya F

Apr 10, 2022

Excellent course for those who would like a rigorous introduction and tons of practice in order and visual aids to make the concept become a if it were the most obvious thing to be . Huge thanks to the whole course team and the brilliant instructors.

May the Gods bless you all .

By Richard A B D

May 31, 2020

I love it, i would like a part 2 or another course for reactions, mechanism, organic and inorganic chemistry, maybe catalisis... For this course i wish there was a forum or any way to discuss, the 5 week is a bit disorder. But in general a great course. Thank you!

By kiran a

Dec 7, 2020

I found this course very rich in its content, covering some of the important topics of general chemistry. After completing this course I finally understand so many concepts which had always been difficult for me. Thank you so much, educators and Coursera.

By Muhib S

Jul 26, 2021

I liked this course very much very good.

Excellent course. If you are struggling with high school chem, or need a good foundation for college chem - this course moves you through the concepts and gives you lots of practice problems.

By dr.rama c b

Jun 14, 2020

It Is very Helpful for me;I have not received the certificate for this course.

I am new to teaching AP Chem and this class was a great refresher for me....I suggested that my students enroll. Please send the Certificate

By Shoba J

Aug 2, 2020


By Paul I

Jun 30, 2021

Taking this course has afforded me very clear and intuitive understanding of Equilibra, kinetics and Thermodynamics. I can confidently analyse and solve calculations involving these aspects of chemistry.

By Jess M d O

Jun 13, 2021

It was a very nice experience at the University of Kentucky on line. I am so happy for this achievment. thank you to both of my two teachers guides. It will be this course so useful to me.

By Roseli d R P d A

Sep 17, 2020

Excelente curso. Sou brasileira e meu inglês é básico, mas a linguagem das exatas e naturais é universal e isso facilitou muito o entendimento do curso. Obrigada pelo excelente aprendizado.