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About the Course

In this course you will learn how to quickly and easily get started with Artificial Intelligence using IBM Watson. You will understand how Watson works, become familiar with its use cases and real life client examples, and be introduced to several of Watson AI services from IBM that enable anyone to easily apply AI and build smart apps. You will also work with several Watson services to demonstrate AI in action. This course does not require any programming or computer science expertise and is designed for anyone whether you have a technical background or not....

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Mar 18, 2020

This course is essential for everyone who really enjoys IT AI innovations, programming, improve own make-decision skills, challenging and troubleshooting. Thank you for your great hard work.

Mar 10, 2020

Such a useful information to get more familiar and know more about Watson Services. I am so delighted that I am getting more familiar with this services in order to improve our businesses.

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By Ruan V

Mar 4, 2020

The information provided in this course does not delve into the practical use of each watson application.

By Titose M C

Oct 27, 2019

I'd really like to jump in on learning how to develop AI and then learn of the services you provide after

By Maria C V B

Jul 9, 2020

It is a good course to know all the possibilities and tools offered by Watson, from IBM.

By Francisco C

May 15, 2020

The course is specific related to and IBM product than a science or theory on AI

By Sameh E M

Oct 13, 2019

The course theme was more into marketing Watson product rather than education

By Fadi A S

May 3, 2020

very interesting but I'm not sure how useful it will be for me as a student

By Pier L R

Jan 11, 2020

A lot of marketing material, and practical exercises are quite short.

By Ben W

Jul 20, 2019

I encountered a lot of material that was covered in other courses.

By Allan K

Jun 9, 2020

The final assignment with the Annual Report for IBM did not work.

By Bowen K

Nov 28, 2020

Just an IBM Watson Commerical, with almost no hands-on learning.

By Praveen S

May 31, 2020

Lot of background rather than emphasizing on actual content

By Marko B

May 25, 2020

Felt a bit like a very informational commercial for Watson.

By Ding N

Aug 13, 2019

A general overview of IBM Watson. May not be very useful.

By Zhengweifan

Sep 6, 2019

It's an absolutely the IBM Watson advertisement course.

By Daniel H M

Aug 24, 2019

Too simple for an introduction to AI with IBM Watson

By Riola C T

Aug 7, 2019

Wanted more hands-on exercises to be present.

By Deepak K

Sep 16, 2020

The explanations could have been more clear.

By Stefano F

Dec 28, 2019























By Stefan H

Dec 19, 2019

too much marketing

By Zuyu L

Sep 13, 2020



Aug 31, 2019

Very good

By Eric G

Nov 1, 2019

You get an overview of the different services IBM Watson offers, but you don't really get to see it for yourself. There are some labs, but it doesn't do a good job of explaining what you're doing. ESPECIALLY, the lab for the final exam. You just follow the steps with no explanation for what is happening or why you're doing what you're doing. It even tells you to take screenshots as part of the exam. Not only did I have no understanding of what the content I was screenshotting meant, there was nowhere for me to submit the screenshots. Of the three courses in this specialization, this was the weakest. I took nothing away from it. Obviously, I performed well on the quizzes, but a day later I didn't learn enough to even recall what features work for what purpose. This class could be done by just going to IBM's website and learning about the different programs. Not worth my time. The first and third course are much better.

By Sreenivasa M

Nov 26, 2020

Too much of marketing videos and many are just vague talks without specifics. Too much of AI generated voice without pauses, so it overwhelms with too much of information in too little time and that too with vague terms and use cases.

By Alessio B

Jul 19, 2020

While it's not that bad to take a grasp of Watson's capabilities, this course resembles more a big IBM advertisement. However, if you're studying in the context of the IBM Applied AI, things get better after this course.

By Will

May 30, 2020

Very, very little in the way of concepts or skills. Mostly consists of short videos and quizzes that seem to function more as ads for IBM then they do as a lessons. Numerous spelling and grammar errors.