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About the Course

Understanding the characteristics of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and their implications for behavior, learning and the ability to process information is critical for anyone working or interacting with those on the spectrum -- educators, clinicians, counselors, therapists, medical staff, family and employers. This course will give you a fundamental understanding of what ASD is, how it is diagnosed, the primary areas of impairment, and why prevalence is increasing. Examine the developmental and sensori-motor differences that may impact academic, play, social and self-help skills at different stages of life, including the transition to higher education and employment. Gain a clear understanding of how sensory regulation differs for individuals on the spectrum, and explore practical tools for identifying triggers and communicating feelings. Learn to use evidence-based practices to provide effective interventions and explore typical strengths and weaknesses of individuals on the spectrum in relation to identified impairments. The course culminates with a description of the ASD system of care, an overview of the National Standards Report studies and treatments, and an explanation of how evidence-based practices are established and implemented. Those seeking a more in-depth, instructor-led experience are encouraged to check out the Professional Concentration in Autism offered by UC Davis Extension:

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Sep 22, 2020

I thought that this course was very informative for being an overview of ASD. I know that there is so much to learn about Autism, but this course was a great starting block for learning about ASD.

Feb 13, 2016

Very interesting and informative. I taught children with special needs for 33 years. I think this course would be very helpful to new teachers and anyone interested in learning basic info on ASD.

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Oct 1, 2020

Thank you so much for all the effort to conduct this course. ASD is not a disease that can be cure only using pills. Lots of interventions, understanding and tolerances are needed, from parents, siblings, medical professionals and communities support is important for person with ASD. Person with ASD can become better with all the support. Education and awareness to the general public are also helps. This enlighten the burden of parents or caregivers.

By Marian E D C

Oct 31, 2020

Brief and Concise. The examples and information are vital and are evidence-based. A short course to kickstart your understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder. This course, however, mainly talks about the early developmental markers in people with ASD. As an ASD research hobbyist, I can say objectively that this course expects you to have prior significant knowledge about the Autism Spectrum Disorders. Good for beginners in Psychopathology.

By Brenda T

Nov 26, 2016

An excellent overview of the developmental characteristics, academic implications and the emotional and behavioral challenges individuals diagnosed with ASD experience. It also provides some challenges families face when caring for a child with ASD. The importance of understanding evidence based practices and access to evidence based practices for individuals affected by ASD across the ages is paramount.

By Karmen R

Feb 16, 2020

The course provided a great introduction to Autism for any level of learner. I have had prior experience with children on the spectrum but found this to still be helpful. Week 5 I think could have been a course by itself! I would recommend this course to others who interact with children on the spectrum in any form whether it is a friend of a family with a child on the spectrum or other roles.

By Kathy G W

Oct 11, 2016

As a new teacher of students with ASD, I am glad this course was available. I learned great background and foundational information which gave me a better understanding of students with ASD. The course also gave lots of information and resources for further study. I will recommend this course for other individuals who work with or interested in learning about individuals with ASD.

By Paulo L B

Jul 25, 2017

This course gives us important information about the ASD which can be usefull for professional who due with kids and adults with ASD such as families whose have kids or adults with the ASD.

I am a Brazilian doctor and I've a sister diagnosed with ASD. I'm sure that what I've learned will be very usefull for me either as a professional either as a sibiling of a kid with ASD.

By Tamara Š

Mar 6, 2016

This is a very well organized and very interesting course, with a lot of useful information for those who work or intend to work with children. It also gives you an insight into the world of adults with autism, which is not a subject you can usually hear a lot about. This course can motivate you to investigate further about ASD, and it gives you good reference points.

By Patrícia M

Feb 12, 2020

This course has encouraged me in continuing my studies on the autism spretrum disorder in many aspects. On one side, I am a med student, and all knowlodge on dealing with any disorder is critical, and this course is definitely a base for who is still beggining; on the other hand, I know autists, and studying will help me to be a better friends, colleague and relative

By Margo L

Jun 22, 2017

This course is very informative and I have learned what I wanted to know. I recommend this course to all that are in contact, on any level, with individuals on the Autism Spectrum. I would like to recommend including what the incidence of co-morbit conditions such as OCD, Depression, ADD/ADHD and the like, in individuals with Autism, at any level. Thank you

By Meredith O

Aug 19, 2019

excellent overview of ASD. You do have quite a few typos in the course text and slides which was distracting. As a former editor, I would recommend you have someone review your materials--it makes UC Davis and the MIND institute look unprofessional. . Also how do I get my certificate of credits earned? The website is not navigable in this respect.

By Gary E M

Nov 24, 2018

The course presents a great deal of material and statistics regarding the determination of the large range of behaviors associated with children with autism. What was most surprising for me was how many areas of learning, development and social interactions are affected by autism, e.g. Theory of Mind, and how difficult and varied the interventions.

By David F

Dec 16, 2016

I took this course because my ten year old son was diagnosed with autism. Although the course was developed for a wide range of individuals (from interested laypersons to professionals who work with children and teens) I would heartily recommend it to any parent, grandparent, sibling, or other relative who would like to know more about ASD.

By Valentín C B

Oct 16, 2020

Un muy completo curso que sirve como base para el conocimiento de el ASD (CSA), en mí opinión es una buena base que te motiva a expandir tus conocimientos sobre el tema.

A very complete course that serves as a basis for the knowledge of the ASD (CSA), in my opinion it is a good base that motivates you to expand your knowledge on the subject.

By Melissa B

Feb 11, 2020

I loved the course, I learned a great deal of knowledge. There are a lot of information about ASD that I didn't know, the exact and proper definition, the symptoms, red flags, EBPs, among others. I felt hopeful about the Early Start Denver Model, and I hope many young children with ASD are able to participate in this type of intervention.

By Moli D

Jan 8, 2020

A well put together course that is easy to follow and understand. The videos and extra reading material enhances the contents and is very useful. The provision to download and the transcripts help to manage time and provides an option to suit ones learning style. A must for people who are beginners in the field of special education.


Dec 16, 2019

It's been a wonderful experience for me knowing more about Autism Spectrum Disorder. it provided me a lot of insight into ASD with evidence based practices that has being tested and empirically proven to work in helping children and adult living with autism to reach their full potential. i recommend this course for everyone.

By Yanka d O S

Jul 16, 2018

Agradeço pela oportunidade de aprendizado que obtive aqui. Com certeza me ajudarão muito em meu trabalho como professora dos Anos Iniciais do Ensino Fundamental. Parabéns a toda equipe pela organização do curso e obrigada, mais uma vez, pela oportunidade de aperfeiçoar meus conhecimentos com a realização deste curso.


Sep 15, 2020

Me encantó el curso, creo que para iniciar en el tema es muy completo. Se puede apreciar las grandes diferencias que existen entre Estados Unidos y Chile en cuanto al tema. Creo que para alguien que solo tiene ganas de aprender y saber un poco más del tema es un curso muy completo y te deja con ganas de más. ¡Feliz!

By Hedulfo R S O

Aug 2, 2020

Este curso amplia mis conocimientos sobre TEA, adquirí un enfoque profesional, profundo y diverso. Me ayudará bastante para ponerlo en práctica con mis estudiantes, también tiene varios enlaces que proporcionan información a los padres y les ayudan a orientar la educación en el hogar.

Bastante útil para mi profesión.

By Melissa P

Apr 18, 2020

Very informative and well presented materials. I found it a very good option as someone without a large amount of background knowledge on the subject, and came out of it with more than I started. Would definitely recommend for anyone looking to learn about autism whether in a professional or personal perspective.

By Biokrobo S W

Nov 6, 2018

I have a new level of appreciation not just in the practices, some of which I was already introduced to by experts and others I encountered here for the first time, but in the unestablished practices which I now see that a lot of professional tend to portray as effective when it is not fact or research based.

By Kevin D K

Apr 29, 2020

Quick to the point in all videos. This was a great experience and I enjoyed learning more about ASD. Mind Institute is very interesting and I will be looking further into what other research they are conducting. This is a A+ class to take if you are looking to further your education on topics concerning ASD.

By Carmen M

May 2, 2017

Really helpful. Very interesting. Especially the focus on evidence based interventions is going to be really helpful at working with people with ASD. As I worked with adults with ASD I found it very good, that this group was referred to too, not only children with ASD. I really enjoyed the course. Thank you!

By Jenny B

Jan 22, 2020

This was an accessible, interesting and user friendly course. I was able to find several new resources for working with children with Autism that will lead to better outcomes for them in an educational setting. I would recommend to any educator or parent seeking to better understand individuals with autism.