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Approx. 23 hours to complete

What you will learn

  • Work with point and point groups, parcels, surveying tools, surfaces, alignments, and profiles.

  • Create corridors, sections, pipe, and pressure networks.

  • Use workflows for plan production such as creating note label styles, view frames and sheets, and data shortcuts.

  • Demonstrate the skills and knowledge required for taking the Autodesk Certified Professional: Civil 3D for Infrastructure Design exam.

Skills you will gain

City PlanningAutodesk Civil 3DCivil EngineeringEngineering
Shareable Certificate
Earn a Certificate upon completion
100% online
Start instantly and learn at your own schedule.
Flexible deadlines
Reset deadlines in accordance to your schedule.
Advanced Level
Approx. 23 hours to complete


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Syllabus - What you will learn from this course

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Week 1

10 hours to complete

Points, Parcels, Surfaces, and Grading

10 hours to complete
55 videos (Total 242 min), 10 readings, 2 quizzes
55 videos
Tips for the exam6m
Introduction to points2m
Create COGO Points3m
Outline the different point parameters8m
Assign point styles and point label styles2m
Create Description Key Sets6m
Rotate point markers and labels2m
Create and assign point styles3m
Create and assign point label styles6m
Edit point properties5m
Create point groups3m
Change point group display order4m
Intro to Civil 3D Surveying Tools4m
Linework Code sets5m
Set Up Survey Database3m
Survey Figure Prefix Database5m
Traverse editor6m
Mapcheck analysis3m
Introduction to Parcel Creation3m
Create parcel by layout2m
Create a parcel from objects1m
Subdivide existing parcels4m
Parcel to site association2m
Parcel pieces1m
Label a parcel3m
Create a parcel table3m
Renumber and rename2m
Parcel Styles6m
Parcel Label Styles6m
Delete a parcel2m
Introduction to surfaces8m
What makes a surface5m
How data is used in a drawing5m
Set boundaries2m
Surface statistics2m
TIN Lines1m
Create a TIN Surface3m
Edit a surface8m
Create a TIN Volume Surface5m
Surface labels4m
Contour Labels5m
Surface analysis5m
Surface analysis parameters3m
Perform a surface analysis2m
Create Feature Lines8m
Edit Feature Lines - Part 14m
Edit Feature Lines - Part 26m
Site interactions4m
Modify sites2m
Create grading groups3m
Use grading creating tools13m
Grading Criteria6m
10 readings
Get the software10m
Points, Parcels, Surfaces, and Grading resources2m
See where you stand10m
About the discussion forum10m
Online learning communities and social media2m
Practice exercise 1 instructions30m
Practice exercise 1 solution10m
Practice exercise 2 instructions30m
Practice exercise 2 solution10m
Week 1 Challenge exercise2h
2 practice exercises
Pre-assessment1h 30m
Week 1 quiz20m

Week 2

12 hours to complete

Alignments, Profiles, Corridors, Pipe Networks, and Plan Production

12 hours to complete
57 videos (Total 276 min), 11 readings, 3 quizzes
57 videos
Introduction to alignments3m
Creation with and without curves6m
Add curves, lines, and spirals6m
Create from object6m
Create from pipe network4m
Create offset4m
Create widenings4m
Create Surface Profile2m
Create profile view5m
Parts of a profile view12m
What goes in a profile view window3m
Use the quick profile tool4m
Split profile view3m
Create and modify a profile6m
Edit layout profiles6m
Profile grid view3m
Add a vertical curve3m
Grip editing profiles2m
Label types8m
Station offset labels2m
Tag labels3m
Align-profile labels4m
Create basic assemblies10m
Create a corridor8m
Multiple baseline7m
Rebuilt corridors1m
Corridor bowties3m
Update corridors4m
Create objects from a corridor4m
Create sample lines7m
Edit sample line group properties2m
Create section views9m
Create section sheets4m
Compute Materials8m
Part catalog and parts list1m
Set the part catalog location1m
Add and modify parts4m
Create a pipe network8m
What are the tools to modify parts8m
Place pipe network in a profile8m
Modify the network flow direction4m
Annotate plan and profile pipe networks3m
Pressure network parts list5m
Pressure parts catalog1m
Pressure network creation tool7m
Place pressure pipe network in a profile3m
Annotate plan and profile of the pressure pipe networks3m
Create view frames and sheets - Part 18m
Create view frames and sheets - Part 25m
Identify when to use a data shortcut or an external reference3m
Manage data shortcuts4m
Create a reference to a data shortcut3m
11 readings
Alignments, Profiles, Corridors, Pipe Networks, and Plan Production resources10m
Practice exercise 3 instructions30m
Practice exercise 3 solution10m
Practice exercise 4 instructions30m
Practice exercise 4 solution10m
Practice exercise 5 instructions30m
Practice exercise 5 solution10m
Practice exercise 6 instructions30m
Practice exercise 6 solution10m
Week 2 challenge exercise2h
Course final assessment1m
2 practice exercises
Week 2 quiz20m
Final assessment1h 30m



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