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A very nice course! I love his great pasion on calculus!

I believe that the teacher creates a great way of explaining what seems to be very complicated thought processes, and he does so in a highly enthusiastic manner.The only downside is that such explanations can be either too low level or not strong enough to explain certain phenomena. For example, the professor talks about how the absolute value function of x is not differentiable at zero, and how a function is differentiable at a certain point when the two-sided limit exists and, by extension, the function is continuous at that same given point. However, the professor in this regard never truly explains why the v-shape is not differentiable and how it relates to our definition of continuity. However, overall: a very worthwhile course and a pleasant experience.

I really feel like I understood a great deal from this course. The exercises were challenging and sometimes required me to rewatch the videos, ensure my notes were good, and look up some help in other places online. I feel like calculus is fun, and I'm looking forward to doing more! I feel quite prepared to take on some calculus courses in person now.