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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Chemistry by University of Kentucky

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About the Course

This course is designed to cover subjects in advanced high school chemistry courses, correlating to the standard topics as established by the American Chemical Society. This course is a precursor to the Advanced Chemistry Coursera course. Areas that are covered include atomic structure, periodic trends, compounds, reactions and stoichiometry, bonding, and thermochemistry....

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Jul 23, 2016

This is a great course. The primary feature is the number of worked and practice problems. Instead of memorizing, one learns by doing. Short of being in the lab, this is the next best thing.


Aug 5, 2022

This is a great course. The primary feature is the number of worked and practice problems. Instead of memorizing, one learns by doing. Short of being in the lab, this is the next best thing.

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By Dr. A R R

Nov 13, 2021

nice course

By Ashutosh M

May 19, 2021

best course

By Shaik L

Aug 27, 2021


By Luden J D A

Sep 10, 2020


By Shatarupa B

Aug 16, 2020


By Jhonatan M

Aug 14, 2020



Jun 11, 2022


By Alfio A C

Nov 22, 2020


By Musayev V

Aug 21, 2020


By moustafa M A A

Feb 18, 2021


By marwa a m

Jul 3, 2021



Oct 13, 2020


By Ms. A F A M

Dec 18, 2022


By Alhanowf M A a

Apr 18, 2021


By Rohini V N

Oct 7, 2020


By Shagufta Z

Oct 3, 2020


By Turdanov O B

Oct 2, 2020


By Suresh K M R

Sep 22, 2020


By Elizabeth F

Mar 11, 2023

I enjoyed the course content very much. It was a great overview of basic atomic structure theory and the basics of stoichiometry and reactions. I'm looking forward to the Advanced Chemistry course I'm doing next.

There were quite a few errors scattered about, but that's not such a big deal.

There was one question in the final text which is just wrong -- I left a post in Week 7 Forum. It's question #9 - what energy is associated with the process X(g) --> X+(g) + e-? My (correct) answer was "first ionization energy" but that was marked incorrect. I even tried going back and changing my answer to "electron affinity" (which is related but is not an energy, per se) but that was rightly marked incorrect too. So I didn't get 100% on the test and I'm not going to just keep randomly guessing other answers to get a "correct" response.

By Jedidiah G

Mar 3, 2023

Most of all the subjects are explained very thoroughly, however there were some instances where some examples were not explained period, which effected my understanding of certain concepts. Overall, the course is very good and recommendable for those who have an easy time learning, but those like myself who need many examples for every type of equation and whatnot will have a rough time.

By e.b3.e_

Jul 30, 2022

Very insightful and informative. The instructor was extremely thorough with her explanations which allowed for easy understanding. This course covers various topics that act as a good extension to the IBDP Chemistry syllabus. So grateful to have found this course and am willing to do more in the future!

By victor c

Apr 29, 2021

In the quiz test, most often I have to recalculate my solution till I can get a match in the answer selections. That process greatly improved my comprehension of the concepts of that particular chemistry topic.

By Trisha M

Jan 6, 2021

I love the resources (slides, questions). I found thermochemistry the most challenging- a recommended textbook or additional resources would be helpful in this section.

By A H S

May 6, 2021

لقد كان هذا الكورس الخاص بالكيمياء رائع جدا ،تعلمت كل شئ يخص الكيمياء العامة ،إنه حقا مفيد ولكنه صعب بعض الشيئ،شكرا كورسيرا وشكرا لمنظمة تجمع الشباب السوري

By Vlad S

Jan 17, 2023

Good course, however formatting on exams was sometimes extremely detrimental to learning. (e.g., almost no tables are used.)