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Subtitles: English

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Stroke Diagnosis / TreatmentNeurological DisordersMovement Disorders TreatmentNeurology

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Subtitles: English

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3 hours to complete

Neuroanatomy & Stroke

Welcome to Introduction to Clinical Neurology, offered by the University of California, San Francisco, on Coursera. This course provides a concise review of the most common and critical neurological diseases and conditions through a series of presentations by a variety of accomplished faculty at UCSF....
6 videos (Total 126 min), 4 readings, 2 quizzes
6 videos
Module 1 Part 1: Learning Objectives and Overview of Neuroanatomy27m
Module1 Part 2: Clinical Application36m
Module 2 Part 1: Introduction, Epidemiology, and Hemorrhagic Stroke20m
Module 2 Part 2: Ischemic Stroke, Stroke Syndromes, and Transient Ischemic Attack24m
Module 2 Part 3: Stroke Treatments and Prevention14m
4 readings
Module1 Part 1 Information Page10m
Module 2 Information Page10m
Module 1 Lecture Slides10m
Module 2 Lecture Slides10m
2 practice exercises
Module 1 Neuroanatomy20m
Module 2 Stroke20m
4 hours to complete

Epilepsy & Neurodegenerative Diseases

The description goes here...
13 videos (Total 136 min), 5 readings, 2 quizzes
13 videos
Module 3 Part 1: Overview and Electroencephalography16m
Module 3 Part 2: Brain Activity During Seizure12m
Module 3 Part 3: Seizure Classification11m
Module 3 Part 4: Patient Evaluation16m
Module 3 Part 5: Epilepsy Treatment and Summary20m
Module 4 Part 1: Introduction4m
Module 4 Part 2: Epidemiology4m
Module 4 Part 3: Pathophysiology, Neurodegenerative Diseases & Dementia3m
Module 4 Part 4: Clinical Presentation, Neurodegenerative Diseases & Dementia24m
Module 4 Part 5: Diagnosis, Neurodegenerative Diseases & Dementia6m
Module 4 Part 6: Treatment, Neurodegenerative Diseases & Dementia9m
Module 4 Part 7: Future Directions and Summary3m
5 readings
Module 3 Information Page10m
Module 4 Information Page10m
Module 4: Case Study 1—Questions10m
Module 4: Case Study 1—Sample Answers10m
Module 3 & 4 Lecture Slides10m
2 practice exercises
Module 3 Epilepsy and Seizures20m
Module 4 Dementia and Neurodegenerative Diseases20m
4 hours to complete

Altered Mental Status, Brain Death, & Central Nervous System Infections

The description goes here...
9 videos (Total 122 min), 5 readings, 2 quizzes
9 videos
Module 5 Part 1: Introduction, Epidemiology, and Pathophysiology18m
Module 5 Part 2: Clinical Presentation19m
Module 5 Part 3: Diagnosis and Treatment10m
Module 5 Part 4: Death and Vegetable State, Future Directions, and Summary17m
Module 6 Part 1: Learning Objectives and Bacterial Meningitis18m
Module 6 Part 2: Encephalitis12m
Module 6 Part 3: Cerebral Abscess10m
Module 6 Part 4: HIV Neurology13m
5 readings
Module 5 Information Page10m
Module 6 Information Page10m
Case Study 2—Questions10m
Case Study 2—Sample Answers10m
Module 5 & 6 Lecture Slides10m
2 practice exercises
Module 5 Altered Mental Status & Brain Death20m
Module 6 Central Nervous System Infections20m
3 hours to complete

Traumatic Brain Injury & Movement Disorders

The description goes here...
7 videos (Total 115 min), 3 readings, 2 quizzes
7 videos
Module 7 Part 1: Introduction, Epidemiology, and Risk Factors9m
Module 7 Part 2: Classification, Pathophysiology, and Management21m
Part 3: Concussion and Prevention 18m
Module 8 Part 1: Introduction, Hypokinetic Disorders Overview, Parkinson's Disease, and Parkinson's Disease Pathophysiology12m
Module 8 Part 2: Parkinson's Disease Clinical Presentation, Genetics, and Treatment27m
Module 8 Part 3: Hyperkinetic Disorders and Conclusions24m
3 readings
Module 7 Information Page10m
Module 8 Information Page10m
Module 7 & 8 Lecture Slides10m
2 practice exercises
Module 7 Traumatic Brain Injury20m
Module 8 Movement Disorders20m
3 hours to complete

Headache & Backpain

The description goes here...
13 videos (Total 106 min), 3 readings, 2 quizzes
13 videos
Module 9 Part 1: Introduction5m
Module 9 Part 2: Primary Headache Disorders, Part 117m
Module 9 Part 3: Primary Headache Disorders, Part 26m
Module 9 Part 4: Primary Headache Disorders, Part 33m
Module 9 Part 5: Secondary Headache Disorders, Part 112m
Module 9 Part 6: Secondary Headache Disorders, Part 27m
Module 10 Part 1: Introduction, Epidemiology, and Risk Factors6m
Module 10 Part 2: Anatomy4m
Module 10 Part 3: Pathophysiology7m
Module 10 Part 4: Clinical Presentation15m
Module 10 Part 5: Diagnosis6m
Module 10 Part 6: Treatment and Summary10m
3 readings
Module 9: Information Page10m
Module 10 Information Page10m
Module 9 & 10 Lecture Slides10m
2 practice exercises
Module 9 Headache10m
Module 10 Back Pain20m
2 hours to complete

Weakness and Neuromuscular Diseases

The description goes here...
7 videos (Total 59 min), 2 readings, 1 quiz
7 videos
Module 11 Part 1: Introduction4m
Module 11 Part 2: Anatomy, Normal Function, and Pathophysiology13m
Module 11 Part 3: Clinical Presentation18m
Module 11 Part 4: Diagnosis6m
Module 11 Part 5: Management12m
Module 11 Part 6: Future Directions and Summary3m
2 readings
Module 11: Information Page10m
Module 11 Lecture Slides10m
1 practice exercise
Module 11 Weakness and Neuromuscular Diseases20m
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By AFJan 5th 2019

As I am soon beginning an internship in the field of Clinical Neurology, this course has provided me knowledge and references of great value in order to be prepared for my future demands and studies

By COMay 25th 2017

I love the course, I would like to spend more time on the first and second week, but I think that I can come back to watch and read the lectures. All the material and presentations are awesome.



Daniel Lowenstein, MD

Professor and Vice Chair, Department of Neurology
School of Medicine

S. Andrew Josephson, MD

Associate Professor
School of Medicine

Wade Smith, MD

School of Medicine

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