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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Building Containerized Applications on AWS by Amazon Web Services

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About the Course

This course introduces you to container technologies and how they can be used to modernize your applications, as well as exploring how different AWS services can be used to manage and orchestrate those containers. Container technologies have existed for years, and are still gaining popularity. Two of the most prevalent options are Docker and Kubernetes - each with its own distinct set of features. Regardless of which technology you choose, one of the biggest challenges with containers is their orchestration. Unlike traditional, monolithic applications where you can only scale at a macro level - an executable, for example - containerized applications scale at the container level. When coupled with a microservices approach, each container can contain the code necessary to execute a single task or function. While this provides a number of benefits, a single application can consist of hundreds of containerized microservices. How do you handle starting, stopping, scaling out and scaling in all of these containers? AWS offers a number of services that help with container orchestration, including Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS), Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), Amazon Lightsail, and Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR). Throughout this course, expert instructors will dive deep into these services as well as general container technologies and capabilities. This course uses a combination of video-based lectures, delivered by AWS technical trainers, demonstrations, and hands-on lab exercises to enable you to deploy and manage a containerized application....

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Nov 24, 2020

Great overview of building containerized apps on AWS. Sequential approach taken in the labs allowed you to utilise what you had previously learned in the preceeding labs.

Jul 21, 2020

fantastic course.\n\nSmall feedback in week4 lab - was in last step while running fargate it gave error can not find config, even it was present.

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By Vijay N

Sep 9, 2020

Labs are good. But have some typos. Videos are more abstract without detailed insights.

Overall its a great learning experience for container based technology beginners in AWS.

By Cassio S

Apr 25, 2021

Videos lectures are a bit superficial not going into detail in other than the initial setup of the services. The labs are really god though.

By Julian S

Dec 22, 2020

Everything was great, the only thing missing, is a lab of Kubernetes, nevertheless i loved this course


Jul 24, 2020

Good course for learning basics of docker and aws services.

By Joel V

Jul 16, 2020

Nice for an overview of all aws services for container.

By cesar a g

Aug 9, 2020

Me hubiese gustado alguna demostración de EKS.

By ajit

Jul 2, 2020

really great one very well explained all topic

By Siddharth L

Jun 4, 2020


By Savitri S J

May 25, 2020

I have learn lot of knowledge

By Adam K

Dec 15, 2020

thanks for every structor

By Xu Z

Jul 26, 2020

it's good

By Harsh D

Dec 23, 2020

Gives a detailed overview of various AWS tools related to docker and container applications. Unfortunately, the Exercise go really deep in running the tools withpout explaining the commands and the reason behind them. The exercise could be streamlined for people new to AWS world as from Exercise 1 to the last one there is a rapid increase in complexity and decrease in proper explanation relating to the exercise. Explaining the tools is just primary part, but steps for its functioning in Exercise needs to be better framed for easy understanding.

By Abhishek J

Oct 24, 2020

This Course is good for those who already have a basic foundation of all the services and technology covered in this course. Videos are quite good which covers the high level perspective of every service offered. I believe that in lab instead of just copy paste there should be some more creative way to involve learners by engaging them to form the commands and execute them and it could be more relative with what illustrated in videos.

By Холодилов А

Dec 21, 2020

The major beef with the course is the labs often weren't correlated with the lectures. The lecturer explains what the Fargate is, and then the lab is about Beanstalk. Doesn't make sense.

The last week hasn't a lab at all!

The App Mech presentation was way beyond what I know about Kubernetes. Helm? Injectors? Why is it not explained?

By Mykhailo B

Sep 2, 2020

good course, but be ready for a large volume of information provided

By Mcgregory D F R P

Jun 25, 2020

The labs are control-c and control-v. It should be more hands on.

By Emmanuel A

Dec 14, 2020

i like the explanations but they need to be simpler

By Muhammad S J

Jul 1, 2020

Way too much focused on web deployment

By Gareth R

Aug 24, 2020

A reasonable summary of some of the AWS services. Not particularly detailed though. I did the quiz of week 4 without watching the lectures and I've not used any of the services before. The labs were interesting but I lost motivation as the lecture content wasn't much more useful than AWS docs and mainly an low level intro to AWS services. You can't view the discussion forums without having a question which means you can't when you've not had a problem you can't engage to help anyone else without asking something pointless. I did learn a bit from the course.

By Mark A

Nov 22, 2020

A waste of video bandwidth. Too many video just of talking heads reading aloud to you. Needs better and more extensive use of graphics to show instead of watching some read to you. Need better motivation about the forest and less details about the tree bark.

By Pavan S

Mar 22, 2021

It's very difficult to understand the content . LAB is good To do this course we should have prior experience of AWS and docker .