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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Fighting COVID-19 with Epidemiology: A Johns Hopkins Teach-Out by Johns Hopkins University

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About the Course

Notice: This course, created in response to the quickly-shifting news in the early days of the pandemic in 2020, is now out of date. As a result, we will be closing the course permanently on 18 April 2023. This free Teach-Out is for anyone who has been curious about how we identify and measure outbreaks like the COVID-19 epidemic and wants to understand the epidemiology of these infections. The COVID-19 epidemic has made many people want to understand the science behind pressing questions like: "How many people have been infected?" "How do we measure who is infected?" "How infectious is the virus?" "What can we do?" Epidemiology has the tools to tell us how to collect and analyze the right data to answer these questions. In addition to a basic understanding of these essential tools, this Teach-Out provides a way for you to learn and connect with one another while continuing to practice the social distancing measures that will help keep us safe. We also hope to provide you with some tangible calls to action that will help you affect positive change for yourself, your community, and our society....

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May 10, 2020

Nicely presentations and easy to understand. Some times the pace was a little slow for me, but all in all did a good job of illustrating and describing the presented concepts.


Apr 22, 2020

Excellent course. It was very informative and highly useful to further understand the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, it provides a very good introduction about epidemiology.

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By Mohammed R

Apr 10, 2020

The course gives detailed knowledge about the epidemics and explains how the virus can spread, how to control its spread and how to measure the rate of transmissibility.

By Natalie T

Apr 4, 2020

The course overall was alright. I personally found some aspects interesting while others where explained in a boring manner. It was definitely informative and I have learned a lot. I would ask that the course teachers learn the enunciate the words a little better next time and have an understanding of what they are explaining. Instead of just reading words off the computer.

By Houda Y

Apr 23, 2020

Excellent course. It was very informative and highly useful to further understand the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, it provides a very good introduction about epidemiology.

By Chrstine

Jul 6, 2020

I loved this Teach-Out. The exercises at the end of video and the discussions were very helpful. Highly recommend taking if you are interested/concerned about COVID-19.

By Erika G

Apr 5, 2020

Good course overall, I expected to get more information about COVID-19 specifically like what its reproductive rate is but it was more general and just what these things mean. Gives a good basis for understanding scientific literature on COVID-19 so you are able to look into these yourself.

By Nema N A

May 22, 2020

it is useful course , but without certificate

By John C A J M M

Apr 12, 2020

Excellent overview of the epidemiology of Covid-19.

The most important aspect of the course is in the mid to last parts of week 2. Without the lead-in however it would be hard to appreciate the central concepts. In my opinion understanding R naught, R and the natural history of an epidemic are the central message. Once mitigation becomes the only tool that is useful social distancing is understandable. Flattening the curve prevents the medical system from collapsing but in many ways prolongs the course of the epidemic. If Covid-19 was not so lethal the best course to getting through the epidemic would be to not do anything so that herd immunity would develop and spread would stop.

The degree to which herd immunity has developed because of asymptomatic infections have occurred will be the next stage in understanding the disease. When an effective vaccine can be added to the immunity that has been developed following infection then the degree of immunity in the population will stop and prevent continued spread. Overall "herd immunity is the sum of natural immunity plus immunity created by vaccination. The degree to which infection driven immunity has developed without being appreciated will be determined by up coming serology studies. It may be more than we think and if it is the decay part of the curve will be steeper in a downward direction than is present in the current models.

The course helped me to understand where we are and where we need to get to


Apr 10, 2020

Excellent course! Easy to follow and take in a convenient time for my schedule.

By Arasu S

Jul 20, 2020

Right time the course has been offered. The advantage of the course is the flexibility of time !. The course lesions have been designed with a lot of useful information particularly the read outs and videos of each lesions and the vast reference materials, discussions with experts, etc are immensely helpful to learn and understand the lesions in an easy way. Now I can deal with the subject effectively .

Deeply appreciate the involvement of faculties, staffs and all who are parts of the successful conduct of the course. My heartfelt thanks also due to the Johns Hopkins University, for offering the important course and disseminating the relevant knowledge to the betterment of humanity . Best wishes!

By Mandeep S

Apr 27, 2020

An excellent course. Gives an insight into how the disease spreads and what needs to be done to contain it and how. A very well structured course

By Jane S

May 8, 2020

A great course with regard to explanations of epidemiology. The lecturers explained the subject in a succinct clear manner

By Yehudis C

Apr 12, 2020

I learned important detail about how a virus is know by 9 components .Thank you Coursera and JHU for making this course.

By Joan C G

Apr 8, 2020

very helpful especially we all encounter the pandemic COVID19

By Nazim B

Apr 1, 2020

Where can i find the solutions of the exercices ?

in the browser , why we can't adjuste the speed of the listening like in youtube or in my iphone's app ?

I'm very sad that we could not have translations

By Jingtian Z

Apr 10, 2020

Hello, Professor, the covid-19 is effecting many people around the world, and I was very anxious about when will covid-19 end, when will the vaccine came out. Now I know the truth about the virus and I can found what news are rumors. My anxiety is now lower than before.

By Aaditya V

Apr 14, 2020

Very good course that people should try out if they have time or are interested in learning something new. I learned several new things that will surely help me better understand articles and content in the future.

By Jason O

May 29, 2020

Great overview of basic epidemology and the spread of diease. I would recomend this course to anyone looking to get a better understanding od how diease is pasted and how to control the spread of disease.

By bob n

May 11, 2020

Nicely presentations and easy to understand. Some times the pace was a little slow for me, but all in all did a good job of illustrating and describing the presented concepts.

By Quchkarov M

Sep 7, 2020

In this course, I learned how to protect myself from the contagious disease Covid-19. I would like to thank all the teachers who taught the course.

By Sergio B

May 6, 2020

Very useful and instructional teach out. It helped me having a more thorough understanding of the situation we are all living in.

By Hugo S

Apr 18, 2020

Very Scientific information about outbreaks - Help to get a discernment in this storm of unscientific information about COVID19

By Elizabeth C

Apr 25, 2020

Clear, concise information for those interesting in learning more about the epidemiology of COVID-19.

By Munguia S J A

May 14, 2020

There is no certification ...

By Jason Z

May 27, 2020

As a biology major at my university, I have already learned about some of the topics mentioned in the modules, however, I believe that during this time of mixed media interpretation of the virus, we could all benefit from this course. This took about 3 hours to complete and was very informative on the topics of definition and identification. I would recommend this course to anyone who has some inquiries about COVID-19.

By M.Shajjat H

Apr 7, 2020

This course is very much required at this period because we are going to design a project proposal for COVID-19 response. Pay my thanks to the management of Johns Hopkins University to open the opportunity for learning about the current global outbreak. I would be very much happy it the organizer provided certificate of any form of acknowledgment.