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Relational AlgebraPython ProgrammingMapreduceSQL
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Approx. 20 hours to complete

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Week 1

6 hours to complete

Data Science Context and Concepts

6 hours to complete
22 videos (Total 125 min), 4 readings, 1 quiz
22 videos
Appetite Whetting: Extreme Weather2m
Appetite Whetting: Digital Humanities8m
Appetite Whetting: Bibliometrics4m
Appetite Whetting: Food, Music, Public Health5m
Appetite Whetting: Public Health cont'd, Earthquakes, Legal4m
Characterizing Data Science5m
Characterizing Data Science, cont'd5m
Distinguishing Data Science from Related Topics4m
Four Dimensions of Data Science6m
Tools vs. Abstractions7m
Desktop Scale vs. Cloud Scale5m
Hackers vs. Analysts2m
Structs vs. Stats5m
Structs vs. Stats cont'd5m
A Fourth Paradigm of Science3m
Data-Intensive Science Examples6m
Big Data and the 3 Vs5m
Big Data Definitions4m
Big Data Sources6m
Course Logistics7m
Twitter Assignment: Getting Started14m
4 readings
Supplementary: Three-Course Reading List10m
Supplementary: Resources for Learning Python10m
Supplementary: Class Virtual Machine10m
Supplementary: Github Instructions10m

Week 2

5 hours to complete

Relational Databases and the Relational Algebra

5 hours to complete
24 videos (Total 122 min)
24 videos
From Data Models to Databases4m
Pre-Relational Databases5m
Motivating Relational Databases3m
Relational Databases: Key Ideas4m
Algebraic Optimization Overview6m
Relational Algebra Overview4m
Relational Algebra Operators: Union, Difference, Selection6m
Relational Algebra Operators: Projection, Cross Product4m
Relational Algebra Operators: Cross Product cont'd, Join6m
Relational Algebra Operators: Outer Join4m
Relational Algebra Operators: Theta-Join4m
From SQL to RA6m
Thinking in RA: Logical Query Plans4m
Practical SQL: Binning Timeseries5m
Practical SQL: Genomic Intervals6m
User-Defined Functions3m
Support for User-Defined Functions4m
Optimization: Physical Query Plans5m
Optimization: Choosing Physical Plans4m
Declarative Languages5m
Declarative Languages: More Examples4m
Views: Logical Data Independence5m

Week 3

5 hours to complete

MapReduce and Parallel Dataflow Programming

5 hours to complete
26 videos (Total 122 min)
26 videos
A Sketch of Algorithmic Complexity5m
A Sketch of Data-Parallel Algorithms5m
"Pleasingly Parallel" Algorithms4m
More General Distributed Algorithms4m
MapReduce Abstraction4m
MapReduce Data Model3m
Map and Reduce Functions2m
MapReduce Simple Example3m
MapReduce Simple Example cont'd3m
MapReduce Example: Word Length Histogram2m
MapReduce Examples: Inverted Index, Join6m
Relational Join: Map Phase4m
Relational Join: Reduce Phase4m
Simple Social Network Analysis: Counting Friends3m
Matrix Multiply Overview5m
Matrix Multiply Illustrated4m
Shared Nothing Computing4m
MapReduce Implementation5m
MapReduce Phases6m
A Design Space for Large-Scale Data Systems4m
Parallel and Distributed Query Processing5m
Teradata Example, MR Extensions5m
RDBMS vs. MapReduce: Features6m
RDBMS vs. Hadoop: Grep5m
RDBMS vs. Hadoop: Select, Aggregate, Join3m

Week 4

3 hours to complete

NoSQL: Systems and Concepts

3 hours to complete
36 videos (Total 166 min)
36 videos
NoSQL Roundup4m
Relaxing Consistency Guarantees3m
Two-Phase Commit and Consensus Protocols5m
Eventual Consistency4m
CAP Theorem4m
Types of NoSQL Systems4m
ACID, Major Impact Systems4m
Memcached: Consistent Hashing2m
Consistent Hashing, cont'd4m
DynamoDB: Vector Clocks5m
Vector Clocks, cont'd5m
CouchDB Overview4m
CouchB Views3m
BigTable Overview5m
BigTable Implementation5m
HBase, Megastore3m
Spanner cont'd, Google Systems6m
MapReduce-based Systems5m
Bringing Back Joins4m
NoSQL Rebuttal4m
Almost SQL: Pig4m
Pig Architecture and Performance3m
Data Model3m
Load, Filter, Group5m
Group, Distinct, Foreach, Flatten5m
CoGroup, Join3m
Join Algorithms3m
Other Commands3m
Evaluation Walkthrough3m
Spark Examples5m
RDDs, Benefits6m
2 hours to complete

Graph Analytics

2 hours to complete
21 videos (Total 91 min)
21 videos
Structural Analysis4m
Degree Histograms, Structure of the Web4m
Connectivity and Centrality4m
PageRank in more Detail3m
Traversal Tasks: Spanning Trees and Circuits5m
Traversal Tasks: Maximum Flow1m
Pattern Matching6m
Querying Edge Tables4m
Relational Algebra and Datalog for Graphs4m
Querying Hybrid Graph/Relational Data3m
Graph Query Example: NSA6m
Graph Query Example: Recursion4m
Evaluation of Recursive Programs3m
Recursive Queries in MapReduce4m
The End-Game Problem3m
Representation: Edge Table, Adjacency List4m
Representation: Adjacency Matrix2m
PageRank in MapReduce5m
PageRank in Pregel5m



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