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Do you want to learn about developing applications that are cloud native right from conception to implementation? In this course, you’ll begin with some crucial cloud concepts. Then, you will dive into specific tools and techniques for developing cloud native apps. Learning about the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, the significance of hybrid cloud infrastructures, and how they affect cloud app developers will be covered You will then look at two key areas of cloud thinking: modernization and continuous integration/continuous delivery....

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Jun 8, 2021

Good course! The instructors just need to fix the final project instructions. It's messing up the application on the CI/CD part. Other than that, it's perfect!


Feb 18, 2021

Coursera become for me as first step towards future in IT industy!!!Thank you very much for this great job done by teachers and all involeved!

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By Alexander B

Feb 14, 2021

This course is waste of time. It does not teach how to develop cloud apps. Only teach how to click on buttons in IBM cloud web panel, fully disappointment.

By Nikolas H

Apr 11, 2021

Outdated and incorrect lab instructions make this course frustrating to complete. The knowledge base is insufficient. These IBM courses continue to be a major disappointment.

By Wilton W

Jul 19, 2021

lots of incoherence, labs that don't work, this course needs lots of revisions.

By Robert S

Sep 6, 2021

The course is slightly out of date with the current IBM Cloud (9/6/2021) resulting in a number of glitches/quirks when trying to perform the assignments. Unfortunately, the response by the staff (not Upkar) appear to assume the user has made an error when in fact the directions are not sufficient or are simply incorrect. Additionally, there is no manner to provide feedback when the peer grader makes mistakes which is more common than it should be. Finally, the IBM Cloud developer services, whether due to the type of account or just due to its capabilities, are terribly slow. It may be how all Cloud services are or just a function of being the Lite account but it doesn't motivate one to want to use those services. I did learn something and with fixes to the content and better responses from the staff, I could increase the stars to 3 or 4 but there is a fair amount of work that needs to be done to make that happen.

By Lizhiyuan L

Apr 30, 2021

This course's final lab description is terrible. I would not recommend this course to anyone if it was not counted towards the IBM certificate.

By Alvaro G V

Sep 27, 2022

Based on Cloud Foundry that is already deprecated by IBM. Once of the labs cannot be completed right now and the final assignment has some stuff that you have to work around as IBM Cloud is already not offering what you are supposed to use on the final assigment...

Please do not enroll unless you are forced to complete it for the Full Stack Developer from IBM...

By Rodrigo H G C

Feb 19, 2021

It was a great course in general, and I learned a lot. But, I think some additional marks should be included for people outside the US, as some tutorials don't consider people who are not able to create an application outside the Dallas region with the IBM Cloud Lite account. For example, when the 'ibmcloud target' is done in the IBM Shell without including the region, it will not be successful. Fortunately, I was able to fix it by myself.

By Marcelo S

Dec 13, 2021

Very good course!

By Ziqiang L

Jan 9, 2022

There are multiple hands-on projects, but beware that the Week 6 project is very hard to get right (I failed after six hours of intensive debugging on the IBM Cloud CF logs; mind that I do not know much about node.js other than console.log) and the discussion forum suggests that the Week 6 project is no longer hands-on as the project details implied. The redemption award of four stars goes to this course because the final week (Week 7) project is perfectly designed and well-maintained.

By Eiric V

Apr 28, 2021

In essence a nice course, but flawed by many technical challenges.

By Marco N

Oct 19, 2021

No offense, but this was probably the worst course in the program. The videos were basically the narrator reading an instruction manual, the labs are full of bugs, and the community is small (waited a day for someone to mark my project). My suggestion for this course would be to cut the step-by-step instructions from the videos and add more ungraded labs to get the students familiar with IBM Cloud.

By Samantha N

Jul 23, 2022

My favorite part of these courses are the final projects where we get to apply what we have learned. It helps to be able to connect all moving parts together to debug/make one app (ex: the databases, servers, the app itself). I also love using the command line interface and seeing apps come to life from what started as many lines of code. New technical subjects are explained in layman's terms to help anyone learn, which is great because technology is constantly evolving. The instructional videos and live projects are very well put-together. This is how teaching and learning should be.

By A Y

Jun 9, 2021

Good course! The instructors just need to fix the final project instructions. It's messing up the application on the CI/CD part. Other than that, it's perfect!

By Keiner V

Nov 30, 2021

Muy interesante lo que aporta los laboratorios, ayuda a comprender mejor todo lo visto en los videos

By Haoyu Z

Dec 13, 2021

Actual hands-on labs with app deployment process

By N H H

Feb 8, 2022

Great Course, easy to understand

By Nasser A A

Feb 6, 2022


By Ryan G

Apr 19, 2021

There are mistakes with the Week 7 assignment questions. Didn't have to Change the "Home" button to "Add" because the button was already "Add". There is also a question that asks to upload an image but it is a text field instead of an upload image field. This can be improved, hopefully a content creator sees this message!

By Dan C

Jan 7, 2022

Be careful with this as you may need to pay more in order to complete the class. IBM are no longer providing 'Lite' accounts and depending on free-trail status and the amount you use to get through the class you may need to pay for IMB Cloud services which are used throughout the course. There are work-arounds offered in the group message board but I find them to be neither professional or adequate.

By Fred F

Jul 31, 2022

The issue I have is the IBM cloud feature codes do not always work so you cannot sign intoa cloud account. You have to wait until somene at Coursera provides a new feature code, then you only get 30 days and it times out again. I am almost always in a waiting mode and cannot progress in the course.

By Tyler H

Nov 21, 2022

Cloud foundry was a giant headache.

By Brennan F

Aug 28, 2022

Material is poorly explained and described, I wouldn't describe the course as suitable for beginners. The main proponent of many of the labs, the IBM service Cloud Foundry, is depreciated and will no longer be in use in a year. So felt a bit silly to learn how to use something that will be extinct in a year. At least two of the labs were defunct (awaitng update they said).

By jimmy j

Aug 5, 2021

I was able to take this course for free. The value is definitely there and I would recommend it to anyone looking for fundamental knowledge in this field. The workload can be finished in a shorter amount of time than suggested. Some parts of the course can be laggy or tough to work around for solutions.

By Popov V

Feb 19, 2021

Coursera become for me as first step towards future in IT industy!!!Thank you very much for this great job done by teachers and all involeved!

By Alberto E M

May 19, 2021

Good course to practice Cloud Native Applications. It focuses on IBM Cloud, but this does not affect the quality of the course.