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About the Course

This course is for teachers to learn why some children have so much difficulty with reading and writing, often called 'dyslexia', and to learn more about best practice in teaching literacy to all in light of recent scientific discoveries. Participation in or completion of this online course will not confer academic credit for University of London programmes...

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Apr 26, 2020

This course gave me some further insights into how children with difficulties in reading and writing think and the processes they go through, along with some further methods to help them achieve.

May 19, 2019

A very comprehensive course that explained the fundamentals of dyslexia, learning, reading, and writing in youth. It built on itself week by week. Work load was fairly light and easy to review.

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By Miguel O d E C

Dec 8, 2020

It was great!!

By Sherin K M I

Jun 15, 2020

A great course

By nur s

May 28, 2017

Great course!!

By Jayne J

Apr 2, 2020

Great Course

By Rosa P A

Feb 18, 2018


By cherie c

Nov 17, 2020

good course

By Tamerat A

Jun 17, 2019


By Toluyemi E

Nov 27, 2018

Gained alot

By Surekha M

Jan 12, 2018

Good course

By Raneem R B

Jun 28, 2020

Thank You!

By Melissa S

May 13, 2020


By Edna M

Apr 20, 2016


By Franciane A S

Jan 22, 2021

Very good

By Valeriia

Aug 14, 2020


By Abdul H

Aug 13, 2018


By Patricia C

Apr 20, 2017



Jan 11, 2021

The material was rich and useful. The course managed to cover both theoretical and practical issues. All modules were well rounded and explanatory. The lectureres were talking slowly and explaned thoroughly all concepts. But.... there were some aspects that i didn't appreciate. There were two peer review assignments that presented some challenges. First of all i didn't like the idea that i had to judge the work of a fellow student, i didn't feel that this was my job. But the worst thing about those assignments was that the format was developed for native english speakers thus making it troubling to use it to non english speaking children, or in children that are now learning english while their native language is another one. I had to make adjustments in order to complete those tasks, and since you can't receive the certificate unless you complete them, this was a real issue for me. Furthermore even in ordinary tests many questions were again about idiosyncrasies of the english language which don't make any sense in other languages. Moreover the questions demanded a high level of detail which i found sometimes irrelevent to the essence of the course. I won't go in details here because i don't want to give away some questions. And some lectures were a bit boring... so i would resort to just read the text bellow so i could get through faster ... So i found some elements not compatible with non english teachers and i think the course should take under consideration that not all people who take this course are english, or americans... and they should make some adjustments, at least regarding the evaluating process.

By Tony T

Sep 10, 2016

I did this course as a parent of a dyslexic child. I thought it was brilliant and I made pages and pages of notes. It is well organised, engaging, and informative. I really liked the two presenters as well. They both seemed passionate about the topic and modeled good teaching in their explanations and advice. That said, I thought the assessment part of the course simply didn't work. It was far too narrow for anyone besides primary teachers and therefore excluded those who might be doing the course for other reasons. It doesn't matter to me, I don't need the certificate and I got a lot out of the course but for others it would be frustrating, I imagine. The quizzes too, for the most part, were a disaster. They were poorly written, confusing, and dishearteningly obscure. Otherwise, I loved this course and hope you will offer a follow up soon.

By Shaoli K

Oct 12, 2016

It was very helpful to take this course as it gave me an insight to understand and look closely at the indications which will guide me in the future to deal with children who are normally labelled as 'slow', 'not focused', 'has lack of concentration' etc. The course gives a detailed understanding towards the psychological aspects and directs teachers to engage and encourage such children.

I sure feel more equipped to handle such scenarios in the future. Would appreciate if more videos of real classroom training can be added! All the best!

By Eva K

Aug 22, 2020

I've done a few Coursera certificates, so I have a comparison. It is true that the lectures are monotonous and not enhances by many slides, and more hands-on activities would be welcome, but no one can deny that the content is thoroughly developed and you are getting the value worth your money. The course is informative and resources that you are getting, such as PDF files will be useful in your practice. So in context of what you take away was pretty satisfying to me.

By Mrs C

Jan 4, 2021

I really enjoyed doing this course. It helped me understand my pupils and their experience which was good.

I found the practical videos really good.

The peer reviews were also great as it was interesting to see how everyone did the same task in a different way. It also felt like we were part of something great.

Some of the questions in the quiz, especially the language ones were quite tricky!

I fee really proud of myself, so thanks!

By Keri-lee M

Feb 21, 2021

Loved the material and found the lectures informative and easy to follow. This was a helpful course that has taught me a lot about reading difficulties in children, as well as how to help them with practical examples to use within my classroom. My only negative about the course is that I would have liked for answers to the quiz to be shown after completing the course, that way I am able to see where I've gone wrong.

By Yvonne Y

Jun 22, 2020

The peer assignments are quite a scam. All that I have to review are either not completed, not filled or just plainly uploaded to submit for the sake of it. If review and grade can be graded by professionals, it would make this course more credible. Right now, I doubt the credibility of the certs that can be issued from here. Other than that, the course materials and quizzes were very substantial

By Judy P

Dec 29, 2018

An OK course.

I felt that the material could have been presented in a less dry and more interesting manner. One of the professor's English was hard to understand and at times not so clear.

I did like that one can follow along as the professors presented and that one can download transcripts of what they said.

The information on technology interventions for dyslexia was interesting and informative.