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Networks: Friends, Money, and Bytes, Princeton University

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About this Course

You pick up your iPhone while waiting in line at a coffee shop. You google a not-so-famous actor, get linked to a Wikipedia entry listing his recent movies and popular YouTube clips of several of them. You check out user reviews on Amazon and pick one, download that movie on BitTorrent or stream that in Netflix. But suddenly the WiFi logo on your phone is gone and you're on 3G. Video quality starts to degrade, but you don't know if it's the server getting crowded or the Internet is congested somewhere. In any case, it costs you $10 per Gigabyte, and you decide to stop watching the movie, and instead multitask between sending tweets and calling your friend on Skype, while songs stream from iCloud to your phone. You're happy with the call quality, but get a little irritated when you see there're no new followers on Twitter. You may wonder how they all kind of work, and why sometimes they don't. Take a look at the list of 20 questions below. Each question is selected not just for its relevance to our daily lives, but also for the core concepts in the field of networking illustrated by its answers. This course is about formulating and answering these 20 questions. All the features of this course are available for free. It does not offer a certificate upon completion....
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9 Reviews

By Eugene Chua

Nov 07, 2018

Very informative lectures. Great!

By Chaim Lowenstein

Apr 02, 2018

Great course and learnt a lot through the course.

By Андрющенко Антон Александрович

Mar 09, 2018

It touches really interesting themes

By Guy Hevel

Jul 20, 2017

Great Course

By Eric Medina

Sep 24, 2016

Útil, interesante y reflexivo.

By Alexander Bedzir

Aug 27, 2016

Very interesting topics.

By Prashant Singh

Mar 12, 2016

It is really a exceptional course which illustrates networking problems and answers with real life examples.

By Demóstenes Amões

Feb 16, 2016

Very enlightning course.

By Mutlu Çınar

Jan 31, 2016

thanks to get world class education at home, my name is Mutlu from turkey