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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Genomic Data Science with Galaxy by Johns Hopkins University

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About the Course

Learn to use the tools that are available from the Galaxy Project. This is the second course in the Genomic Big Data Science Specialization....

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Sep 06, 2018

This was a lot of work and rewarding to complete. The final project was challenging and the forum contributors helped a lot in pointing out good resources or strategies they had used.


Feb 03, 2018

Great Course if you are interested in dissecting the genome. Galaxy opens up this invisible world and allows even us little people to explore the world once reserved to only Academia.

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By Monika C

Oct 25, 2019

Please, update the course in terms of Galaxy tools used. Apart from that, it was a very useful course for me and very professionally led.

By Olga D

Nov 14, 2018

Course is very good! Fun to learn about Galaxy. The project assignment is not too well aligned with the materials being thought...

By William M G R

Jul 17, 2020

The final project is very hard and time-demanding, but I am very satisfied with what I have learned through this course.

By Baskar

Aug 29, 2020

A notable course which introduces you to Galaxy platform. Final project is bit time consuming, but you can finish it.

By Ashwini J

Jul 20, 2016

Good intro course for people trying to understand data science role in Genome related data and other informations.

By Anuradha B

Sep 29, 2016

Course was pretty simple but the project was the toughest and took me another attempt to pass. But i enjoyed it!

By Yi S

Dec 18, 2019

The final assignment took too long and maybe more suitable if there is a grader rather than peer grading.

By Robert C M

Jul 22, 2019

The final project could have included more documentation...I did not feel prepared for the final project.

By Noam H

Sep 28, 2018

The course is good, I don't feel like I'm very excellent with Galaxy at the end of it

By Tonya S

Mar 01, 2020

Very challenging for a novice, but valuable skills were learned.

By Huang L

Dec 12, 2018

It is great, but can be better if there are more examples!

By Thodoris S

Dec 04, 2017

Good course if you need to know the basics in Galaxy.

By Matt C

Apr 21, 2017

Good, but a brief overview.

By Jerzy B

Feb 18, 2016

Good course, great tool.

By Alex Z

Jul 14, 2017

pretty easy to follow--

By Mohammed Y

Jun 09, 2016

Awesome Course

By Alberto T

Feb 11, 2016

clear content

By Piotr B

May 07, 2020

Galaxy is a fantastic tool and it deserves a separate module in genomic data analysis training. It's so successful that it evolves very fast. And unfortunately, this course is lagging behind the development of the software. Some of the material is seriously outdated, some tools presented here went out of use recently. Good idea, good intentions, but the content needs an update. Also, the peer-graded assignment lacked in the guidance on how to grade my peers. I struggle with judging if the numbers were correct.

By Diana M

Feb 07, 2020

The course was interesting but did not fully prepare for the course project, and there was no help from the instructors to help resolve the difficulties of using half-baked software, which was working one day and failing the next. I kind of understand the challenge of using some new functionality that was not explained in class, but it requires instructors help when stuck and such help was not available. The project required investing much more time than I anticipated or planned for and just was not fun.

By José A C E

Jun 26, 2019

I am highly dissatisfied with the final project. It requires an understanding of galaxy that is not provided in the course. The quantity of tools and the general usage, details and tricks for each one makes the final project far more challenging given the knowledge acuired in the course. At least there should be a final feedback by the course about the answer submitted for the final project (I never knew what could be consider a "correct" number of variants).

By Samuel D L

Jul 15, 2020

Due to the sad news of the professor, this course got a little bit struggling at some steps (as for example the local/cloud galaxy running), due to the lack of tutoring. Some users don't provide enough an ethical review of the assessment and that can impact your efforts throughout the course of the final project.

I have learnt a lot of useful tools to apply in the field of biomedical research.

By ruchira s

Mar 31, 2019

The course content was great but the project was hard considering how the material was not covered in so much detail. Also, there was no help provided in regards to my query for answer key. Even after trying second time I wasn't sure if my answers were right , which they were but I had to wait a very long time in anticipation of results.

By Amy L

Aug 08, 2017

This was an excellent course to get started with Galaxy, which is a very user-friendly tool. However, I would have liked to see more in-depth explanations of different ways to analyze sequencing data in Galaxy. The course project strayed a bit from the course content, and completing it felt more like trial-and-error than learn-and-apply.

By Simran V

Jun 22, 2020

There is quite a gap between what was taught and what is expected of us in the peer-reviewed project. There is not support in the forums from the moderators. I would recommend heavily sifting through the discussion, as this course has been going on for years, your questions may have already been answers to an extent.

By Kerry A

Jul 30, 2020

A little outdated and the coursework was a huge jump from the stuff covered in the materials. A lecture on the types of tools and what alternatives to come might have built more confidence, but overall a good course. A credit to James that so many people get so much from it, he'll be remembered well.