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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Game Development for Modern Platforms by Michigan State University

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About the Course

The device or "platform" that a game is developed for and played on has a massive impact on the game development process. In this hands-on course you will explore how to develop a game for a variety of modern platforms, including Web, Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android. While building a complete game, you will learn intermediate and advanced game development techniques in the Unity game engine. By the end of the course, you will understand how to develop, refine, package, and prepare your game for distribution on a variety of game platforms. Particular attention will be given to developing a 2D platformer game that supports multiple forms of input (keyboard/mouse, controller, and touch), works across multiple forms of output (screen size, screen resolution, sound), and performs well on a variety of computing devices....

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May 24, 2020

This is very nice course. I honestly say that i never before this course even open the unity and now i developed full game with my own idea it is nice to start Game development with this course

Apr 25, 2019

Great lectures from Brian Winn: very clear and his assets very clear as well an organized. It will be very good to complement the lectures with a short document summarizing the theory.

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By Alex A

Dec 12, 2018

Great lectures and engaging professor; however, you're basically just paying for video lectures since the course admins/mentors seem inactive.


Aug 13, 2018

All courses would have been 5-star if the assignments were checked by tutors and not by peers.

By Stefan M

Jun 4, 2020

Again, same complaint as the first course in Game Dev. Brian Winn isn't the most engaging instructor, and everything is strictly you mimicking what he does in Unity. There aren't individual projects this time, so I felt that, though the course was smoother, there wasn't nearly as much reinforcement. And then for the last projects, it's pretty much: welp, create a bunch of new mechanics that you haven't learned. Another class strictly on Unity and going in depth into scripting and programming would have been far more valuable and worth your time, I feel.

By Gene W

Dec 22, 2019

I like the instructor and love the way he narrates for someone like me who gets impatient and just reads through the script while he's talking then skips ahead. Everything is in the script - where I need to click, what I should be looking for, etc. Since I already know how to program too, it helps that I can easily skim and then skip videos I already understand. Instructor is very engaging.

My only issue is that some of the videos are outdated (refers to libraries that are obsolete and no longer available). Would have been better if the instructor more regularly updates the videos to reflect changes. That said, the discussion forums have been invaluable in finding work-arounds to these issues and have provided answers to every issue I had.

By Lois C

Aug 24, 2016

This class (the fourth in the specialization) required a different version of Unity 3D in order to complete (compared to the first course in the specialization). Using a borrowed laptop, I was not permitted to upgrade to a new version by laptop owner. Signing up for the 5-course specialization and paying in advance was a ripoff since the software requirements changed in between course 3 and 4. Coursera gives no refunds for a 5-course specialization if you have completed the first course.

By Angeliki K

Nov 28, 2020

A very interesting and helpful course! If you are interested in 2D game development with Unity, I suggest you to begin with this course. In case you know a bit of coding as well, this will be easier. In case you don't, that is not a a problem, you do not have to write any code, but in case you want to fully understand the code stuff in this course, you may have to pay a bit more attention. Very nice course!

By Tobias W

Jan 5, 2018

Excellent course. Combined with the basics of the first course, this was a great opportunity to get a feeling for building something a little bit bigger. For people with zero coding experience, it might be a bit overwhelming, but it's not really a programming specialization. Combined with the other modules of this specialization this is a good practice to prepare for the capstone project.

By Kent V

Jul 4, 2020

As a former gamplay programmer with Unity experience, I found this course to be a great hands-on intro for those new to developing. I was reviewing this course for a friend. It was well-paced and informative. Would definitely recommend this course to folks who are new to game programming and Unity (though, I would update it some of the material to reflect recent changes in Unity).

By yubi j

Jul 28, 2020

I really enjoyed with Brian's teaching technique using recorded video and his step by step to create the 2d game on different platforms. His hands on teaching technique enables students to learn fundamental skills of Unity both on 3D and 2D. This course enabled me to upend my Unity 3D and 2D editor skill and will help me to enhance my very limited C# coding experience.


Sep 28, 2020

Loved this Course So Much. Learned so many things. Content of teaching was really engaging and interesting through out the entire course. Sir BRIAN WINN, I am so grateful for being one of your students. Huge Respect to you sir, Your way of teaching is outstanding and professional. Will miss those intros. I would really love to learn more concepts from you. Thank You.

By Sam H

Dec 31, 2015

This course provides you with *everything* you need to build your own 2D platform game.

The first 3 weeks are hands on courses, and by week 4 the training wheels come off and you are to build your own platformer to show to your colleagues.

Packed with inside information, good teacher, if you are interested in Unity or Video Games this course is for you!

By Nenad N

Mar 11, 2016

Great course, really covered so many details! I really enjoyed this one. This course, together with an intro course, is what I've been really expecting from this specialization. I especially liked the idea with the assignment being given only on the last week of the course. Already recommended those 2 courses.

By Sergii Z

Jan 16, 2016

Very nice practical course, if you want to master Unity3D to build 2D game Coursera-way and not use official documentation. But I don't think that the name of course is correct, because there is definitely not much information about "modern platforms" and it's differences - this part is given very briefly.

By Tom M

Oct 5, 2016

This is a great course for learning game development in Unity. I had a reasonable amount of experience programming and using the engine but this taught me good techniques for writing efficient code and organising my projects properly. I would recommend it to anyone looking to get into Game Development!

By Mugammad A J

Mar 1, 2016

This course is a real level up from the other courses. You go back to Unity with the base understanding of how games need to be constructed from beginning till end, and with that in mind, develop a 2D game from scratch. I was thoroughly impressed, and as always the lecturer was awesome. Thanks Brian.

By Carlos H A

Dec 8, 2016

I loved this course, if you want to design and develop a complete and functional 2D videogame and distribute it on PC,MAC,Android,IOS, etc, do not hesitate, this is the course perfect to you, I've learnt a lot of things. Thanks to MSU staff, they're really a good professionals.

By jonathan m g

Apr 27, 2020

Very good course, the final project is a challenge butt doable if you take your time to make it and polish it... It needs an update because the unity version is almost too diferent of the one that the instructor has but if you are familiar with unity it makes no difference.

By henry h

Sep 23, 2020

It was a good class. Harder than I thought it was going to be. One thing that caused me and other students issues were things like outdated lecture videos did not match current Unity software. There were no real solutions. Not sure if T/As were reading posts.

By Dzejlan

Dec 22, 2015

Great Courses offered in this specialization especially this and intro to game development , didn't hear about Michigan State University before this but this is brilliant course and Professor is great you learn while doing , not learning then doing.All the best.

By Jayanth T

Oct 4, 2016

Fun course, especially as a follow-up to the first course in the specialization! It was actually better than the first one, because instead of one whole game per week, we worked on creating one game, and got to polish and solidify the gameplay and aesthetics.

By Can B

Aug 5, 2017

Amazing course with a lot of useful source for making games using Unity3D. The instructor teaches many important topics such as character and enemy animations, UI design, writing clear scripts and building games for multiple platforms in a very detailed way.

By Christopher T

Mar 25, 2016

This pretty much wraps everything up from the previous courses in the specialisation. The 2D platformer you create brings forward a few new challenges which gives valuable experience in being creative with your code and also with game feel and design.

By TECOA129_Onkar G

Apr 29, 2020

it was a really good course to understand the basics of game development. The tutor was also really nice. I will highly recommend this course as well as this specialization to the peoples who wants to get started in game development.

By Kamran B

May 31, 2017

Massively helpful in learning Unity. I passed Unity certification by going through this course and the first course (Intro to game development). The instructor is awesome. The class projects are well design and the forum rocks.

By Aakmal b M Y

Nov 16, 2020

I don't like 2D games. But I like the course's use of the game to show important parts of the game development process. Read up on HTML and CSS, I ended up needing to do a bit of web development to complete the last asignment.