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Genomic and Precision Medicine, University of California, San Francisco

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Precision medicine has the potential to change fundamentally how health care is practiced, but requires a health care workforce that understands the complexities of this field. One important component of Precision Medicine is the use of an individual’s genomic information to offer targeted treatment, tailored to the individual. Our course aims to provide participants with some baseline knowledge of genomics, an overview of the clinical applications of genomic medicine, the skills to evaluate the clinical validity and utility of new tests, and an appreciation of the associated ethical and social issues inherent in this field. The course is geared toward practicing health care providers, although it should be accessible to anyone with a background in the biological sciences and a basic understanding of genetics. It is designed to be succinct and clinically-focused, offering both conceptual and practical information about real-world applications of genomics. Two lessons offer a basic primer on molecular genomics relevant to the individual patient as well as to patient populations. The remaining five lessons focus on five applications of genomics and present the material as case studies, highlighting the strengths, limitations, and issues that arise in the use of each test....

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Aug 25, 2018

I'm a nutritionist, not a traditional doctor, and I loved this course. I feel very much more brought-up-to-speed about current techniques and technologies and really enjoyed the instructors.


Sep 04, 2017

Being myself working for 2 years as a genetic data analyst, I still found this course interesting and learnt new things. Thanks to Coursera and Professors as well as University of Cali, SF.

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By Ghazanfar Ali Baig

Jan 03, 2019

Very good and very informative course

By Miguel H Romero

Dec 27, 2018

The course, Genomic and Precision Medicine is an exceptional resource for clinicians at various levels. This entire course is divided amongst 7 informative weeks of succinct and updated lectures with current technologies, and explanations of both pro's and con's for each sub-topic. Course Professors, Dr. Jeanette McCarthy and Chief, Dr. Robert L. Nussbaum provide superior presentations that meet and at times, surpass University level instruction and orientation to the new depth of Genomic medicine.

Although I am continuing to become familiar with her new publication, "Precision Medicine" a guide to genomics in clinical practice, I have already begun using and sharing this plethora of information within my daily medical practice and amongst other Physician providers. I look forward to migrating my additional interests in the areas of personalised medicine courses offered directly through "Precision Medicine Advisors" and the derivative Course topic of Bioinformatics... Much thanks and cheers, wonderful educational and practical clinical materials to enrich most medical practices!

By Joseph Gelis

Dec 12, 2018

Very well presented in a systematic and easy to follow manner.

By Ayesha Shahid

Dec 09, 2018

it was a very great experience to learn about the advancements taking place in the field of medicine.

By Kurva Jagannath

Sep 14, 2018

The way of presentation is good

By Matthew Bowers

Aug 25, 2018

I'm a nutritionist, not a traditional doctor, and I loved this course. I feel very much more brought-up-to-speed about current techniques and technologies and really enjoyed the instructors.

By Meredith Palmore

Aug 19, 2018

I am not a clinician, but I am interested in precision medicine. I found this course to be very informative, since I was previously unaware of the how genomics can be implemented in the clinic, and the current state of the field of medical genetics.

By Surabhi Deepak Abhyankar

Jun 02, 2018

I really loved this course. As this is my first experience to take an online course, I enjoyed learning in this way. Since I work on Pharmacogenetics, this course was really helpful & added valuable points in my knowledge. All lectures were simple, easy to understand, the flow of lectures was smooth and all professors did really great job.

I would really recommend this course to my friends.

By James Farrell

May 30, 2018

Perfect for broadening and strengthening basic knowledge within this genomics realm

By Laban Bwire

May 30, 2018