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About the Course

The course offers a well-researched and broad-ranging primer to the United Nations system. Consisting of an introduction to the complex UN family and its history, and a series of ‘snapshots’ of key UN functions, which are used to explore important UN themes and help learners develop important analysis, communication, and policy-based skills. The course is aimed broadly at people interested in learning more about the United Nations system, assuming a level of interest but no necessary previous knowledge, whilst also offering offering sufficient up to date research and new critical perspectives that it will also be of interest to people with more expertise or academic familiarity with the topic as well. The main aim of the course is to provide this wide-ranging introduction in a self-contained, but in-depth form, alongside the important practical skills necessary to understand and discuss UN affairs, and potentially lay the groundwork for greater engagement in future – either in civil society or in further study....

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Jul 29, 2020

Really enjoyed the course. Some of the recommended reading was no longer accessible and the material was not up to date to 2020. However, it gave a good introduction to the UN and the issues involved.

Aug 20, 2020

Very useful course with valuable inputs. Thank you very much for your efforts and making it available for free. Highly recommend to those who study global diplomacy, UN system and human rights.

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By Diyan D

Sep 14, 2017

The teacher doesn't exactly.. teach per say. But the materials and sources provided through the teacher are wonderful and extremely useful. Assignments are graded via peer review, this helps you learn how others think while also learning to improve. Love this course so far!

By Ruth

Jul 29, 2020

Really enjoyed the course. Some of the recommended reading was no longer accessible and the material was not up to date to 2020. However, it gave a good introduction to the UN and the issues involved.

By Saroj P

Aug 20, 2020

Very useful course with valuable inputs. Thank you very much for your efforts and making it available for free. Highly recommend to those who study global diplomacy, UN system and human rights.

By Clark G

Oct 5, 2020

What this course was able to do well was provide a framework for the UN's functions and capabilities through examples and informative readings. You will learn more about international relations theory than you would expect, but it is all contextually appropriate. The only thing that bothered me about this course was that some readers were no longer available in the readings reference page, that is why not five stars. Greatly informative and invaluable info for a transitioning intergovernmental body that is one of the few recognized intuition that can offer peacebuilding at every stage of tension or conflict. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in knowing the formal capacity of good in the world.

By Asif S

Nov 6, 2019

The videos could have been more interactive with more content to it. Rather it was more of an interview-styled videos which were also very brief. If I could take an example of The Magna Carta - the previous course that I took from University of London. Those videos were shot outside, with more historical background to it, more interactive and more fun to watch as you learn. As a matter of fact, even the first global diplomacy course content was similar to this one.

Interactive videos help alot in learning. I would highly recommend SOAS considers the way UOL's other department offered The Magna Carta course.

By Mona M

May 10, 2020

An interesting course. Some really good intervenants (the indian lady in the interviews for example) giving some precise and factual opinions and ideas. However, It is a lot of newspaper articles, there are no actual lessons given by a teacher. Also, some of the content linked are outdated, so the page does exist anymore... It was an interesting course because it opened by up as an introduction to the issues the UN faces today, but I remain slightly disappointed by the content globally.

By Edwin F C F

Sep 1, 2020

It has very good information and video resources. There is a lack of attention in the links shared to read or to watch videos, because a lot of material was not found or the video doesn't exist anymore. Also it should change the duration or length of the course and the approximation of workload per week, because it advices that readings will take 50 minutes for example and in reality this is the time for just one reading and the list has 10 or more readings, Thank you very much

By Yumiko E

Mar 17, 2021

The course was good but it would be better if all the reading materials and videos are more recent ones and all the links are still available. Also, it would be better if we get feedback from a lecturer, especially the final assignment (with 1,000 words). I found many assignments had plagiarized from other articles on the web.

By Aditi S

Aug 9, 2020

I haven't received my certificate with my name on it . My overall grade in 100 % and in the mobile app it is showing "you haven't completed your assignments" what is this ?

By William D

May 9, 2020

The course was well delivered as the videos were informative, the reading materials were diverse - giving different perspectives and dimensions. The peer review segment was also a great "skill building session" as you learn how to objectively crique a colleagues work. While some students may not give you as much feedback in their review of your work, reading others' submissions was a useful activity as you get to see how others infuse a new way of thinking in their own assignments.

By Humayun K

May 22, 2021

I am very much delighted to complete the course : Global Diplomacy: the United Nationals in the World. I have learnt a lot from this course. It is a fantastic course for beginners. However, I could not get my certificate yet since I could not get my credit card from bank yet (from Pakistan). I am trying to use another mode (Bank Transfer) to get my certificate. But unfortunately this mode is not available now. Hope the Coursera will help me to get out from this problem.


Apr 20, 2020

It was an incredible adventure i never entered before. The peer review helps in the acquisition of global diplomacy skills. It was my first course on Coursera, and indeed i enjoyed its structure and the assessment way. Specially when you learn also or when its reiterate to one that you don't always need to agree first to an idea before you give it a good assessment... Thank you to University of London for all the materials and the sharing of very valuable information...

By obioma n

Mar 8, 2021

This course is very educative. It has broadened my knowledge about the United Nations. The course, "global diplomacy" gives a lot of insight about what the United Nations is, what it does, its ambitions, its structures and its future plans in meeting up with the global peace and security. Its ultimate plans in achieving International basic human rights.

I like this course, please how can I get a certificate for it having completed it successfully? Thanks.

By Caroline D

Sep 7, 2020

I really enjoyed this course. I have learned so much about the way in which countries work together as part of the United Nations. Completing the course has inspired me to continue with my learning and develop the skills and knowledge to further pursue my goal of gaining experience to enhance my career prospects and the establishment of the provision of opportunities in proceeding with additional courses and educational resources.


Jun 27, 2021

I really enjoy this course.This has made me know more about the raising and falling of the United Nations and the relations with it agencies in the achievements and challenges. As a Foreign Service Officer, the course title Global Diplomacy has been part of my career. This course has multivariate me by engaging myself in reading and focusing more on the Unitd Nations . Thank you very much for such an opportunity.

By Tinyakova E A

Jul 9, 2020

The course "Global Diplomacy:the United Nations in the World" deserves the best mark! It is backgrounded by huge new and important information. I like the distribution of time in learning process. I have copied some materials. It is vey efficient that tasks for peer reviewing came every week. The tasks were well formulated to prepare them. The content of the course is multidisciplinary and pandisciplinary.

By Alisa T

Jul 21, 2021

I particularly enjoy the videos as the diverse comments of the interviewees are very relevant to the topic of each week. I have learnt a lot about the UN in this course, e.g. history, structure, purposes, challenges, and criticism faced. The course is very well organised, so thanks for the material!

Please note that some of the links need to be updated, as they are indicated with ‘Page not found’.

By Veritas V

May 18, 2020

This is an extraordinary course, it guides us step by step through the history of the United Nations, its members, its functions, its security programs, Human Rights, humanitarian aid, and, above all, achieving peace and world disarmament. I would not hesitate a second to recommend it to anyone interested in acquiring or expanding their knowledge in the field of United Nations policies.

By Alisher T

Nov 2, 2020

I really liked the sources of information and the presentation of knowledge. Unfortunately, when you follow the link, some data has been deleted or some errors appear. I hope the organizers and scientists will pay attention to this. In general, I am very glad that in such a short time I was able to acquire such a huge store of knowledge.


Oct 21, 2020

Excelente curso, amplió mi conocimiento y perspectivas sobre Naciones Unidas y como es la ruta y horizonte hacia una mejora contínua de esta organización.

Excellent course, it broadened my knowledge and perspectives on the United Nations and how it is the path and horizon toward continuous improvement of this organization.

By Joana F

Jun 11, 2020

This course was very informative and well structured. It provided a great insight into the UN's complex system and provided a wealth of knowledge about the UN and its missions. I recommend this course for everyone that wishes to know more about the UN and specifically who wishes to work within this sector.

By Mohammad O Y

Oct 6, 2020

This course of the United Nations in the modern world, was very beneficial for me. And not just for me I believe that it was a strong success push in everyone's career who did this course as it was for mine. I wish there would be more courses in this field that i could pursue.


Mohammad Osman Yousofi

By Kamal S

Apr 22, 2021

The online course explains the possible strength and role of the United Nations in global diplomacy. The videos and materials weekly shared, cover the topic successfully and help us understand it. I would like to thank the University of London for giving us the opportunity to join such a useful course.

By somo n

Apr 8, 2020

Surelly! let me take this opportinuty to thank all the Coursera Community cause the course i just completed and the certificate i know its going to be of help in one way or the other, Thank you once. Please one thing that i do request is that i want to do another course in "Cyber Security". Thank you.

By Silvas G

Jun 12, 2020

I personally learnt a lot from this course. it is a dignity to study a certification from university of London and its an honor to receive a certification from coursera, i am willing to complete more of courses offered by the aforesaid entities.thank you so much for this opportunity. Dr. Junius Silva