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What are the world’s major health challenges? What contributes to them? What can we do to improve health outcomes and reduce health disparities? Whether you are new to Global Health, want to take a refresher course, or want to sample Global Health before undertaking undergraduate or graduate study in the field, The Challenge of Global Health is designed to provide a comprehensive but concise foundation for understanding Global Health problems and solutions. Taught by Dr. David Boyd, an award-winning professor at Duke University’s Global Health Institute (, the course combines lectures with videos shot around the world and interviews with some of the world’s foremost Global Health experts....

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Sep 5, 2020

This was a very detailed and well structured course. Dr. Boyd gave me a panoramic understanding of Global Health Challenges, the interdependence and complexity of these challenges and their solutions.

Apr 7, 2021

This was one of the best courses I have come across so far. The majority of the appreciation belongs to the instructor-Dr Boyde. He was natural, clear, and creative in keeping the course interesting.

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By Hazal E

Aug 30, 2020

Dr. Boyd is such an inspirational and wonderful professor. He taught me so many topics about global health and enlightened me about our world. In this course programme, there are great informations about the most important parts of the global health, so many interviews with amazing experts and lovely images and videos all around the world. If you are interested in global and public health, i highly recommend this course to you, it will widen your horizon and i am sure it will help to find your interests in particular areas. Thank you Dr.Boyd, it was a pleasure to know you and to learn from you.

By Rima K

Jan 10, 2021

Thank you, Dr. Boyd, for such an informative course! I enjoyed listening to all of the lectures and interviews, as they were taken in different parts of the world. I haven't traveled much in my life, so it was eye-opening to see all the strides made internationally. The assessments were also helpful in testing my knowledge throughout the course. I would recommend this course to anyone, whether or not you would like to enter the world of global health, because learning about interdependence and the GH challenges that lie ahead of our generation are very crucial for making change!

By Garima K S

Oct 7, 2020

Incredible course. Very fundamental approach has been applied to not only teach but deeply establish Global Health's roots. Even if you're totally naive to this subject or even sciences behind global health, you'll be able to relate it to your area or in general your daily life. Everybody needs to go through this at least once and see how the daily decisions we make are impacting lives of other beings and our global climate on the planet.

Good luck to future graduates of this course!

Hope you'll learn & get involved towards the idea of one health!

By Andrea S B E

Sep 23, 2020

I really, really, really liked this course because, despite of being a medical student and having a little knowledge of Global Health, I have to admit I was not really interested in this before jumping into this course. Now, I definitely think all of us should have a good ground on Global Health because it's what really enables us to translate science, politics, strategies and problems into real solutions adapted to this changing world we lived in. Thank you to Dr. Boyd and his team for doing this Coursera course so enjoyjable! 100% recommended

By Rugved S 2 D

Jul 29, 2020

Hello viewers !!! I'm a biotechnologist having a strong knowledge of immunology and health issues. I'm glad to say this course is too good to understand the global health and how its work, in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone should know about the global health, and for beginners this course will be milestone. I really enjoyed the course and I really liked the way it was designed and made interactive. I would recommend everyone who is interested in public health, health services to take this course.

By Chaya S

Jun 8, 2021

This was a fantastic course, the best one I've taken yet on Coursera. Although the subject is global health, the insights in this course go far beyond that and can be applied to many different disciplines. I learned from this course how to assess a problem, formulate a plan, identify key players and get them to buy in. All in a spirit of humility, harmony and unity. Dr. Boyd and all his colleagues that he interviewed are all so knowledgeable, insightful and personable and a pleasure to listen to.

By Josue P G L

Oct 10, 2020

Se ven los temas con mucha profundidad. El profesor demuestra gran conocimiento y habilidad para transmitir el mensaje. Se presentan tópicos interesantes con recursos precisos y fáciles de entender. Se demuestra preocupación por la preparación del material, el cual se apoya en viajes y experiencias realizadas por el propio profesor. Se entrevista a personas relevantes en el tema de la salud, los cuales apoyan al amplio espectro de los temas del curso.

By Harry S

Aug 10, 2020

Dr. Boyd have successfully provided all the valuable learnings and insights that are very practical and applicable anywhere we are, whether we belong to the Global North or Global South. As a Rotarian, I could not agree more about the interdependence that is critical in solving global health issues. No one country or individual must be left behind. Thank you Dr. Boyd and Coursera for this. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, this is very helpful.

By Salima S

Jul 13, 2020

very informative course i am learning about disease and how it become a Global challenge and how can we help people through this knowledge.

Dr Boyd is really awesome, i personally really appreciate his knowledge and efforts which he putting in this course towards his student.

best part of this course is that Dr Boyd brings different expertise who is giving us more details about global challenges.

Thank you Dr Boyd.

By Dannia C C

May 17, 2021

I loved the course. It was extremely interesting, well put together and insightful. I do have one comment though. I would've loved to see more women in the interviews, especially when it came to women health topics such as maternal and reproductive health. Dr. Boyd is extremely knowledgeable, however, I bet there are incredibly knowledgeable women who could talk bout these issues from their expertise and experience.

By Toh K L P

Jun 7, 2020

This is a good course for someone with no knowledge of global health. The matters and topics discussed were interesting and insightful. After finishing this course, I'm now equipped with the very basics, and my journey of knowing more about Global Health has just begun! Kudos to Dr. David Boyd for putting all the materials together and making learning easy even for a beginner like me. Thank you Dr. Boyd and team!

By Nicole N

Sep 1, 2015

Really wonderful course, all the terms are explained in a lucid manner with a balance of technicality and simplicity. love the concept of actually going global i.e. explaining the concepts by visiting the countries where major outbreaks of diseases took place or explaining concepts by showing us photographs from the professor's travels, which makes the learning realistic and wholesome, not to mention quite fun.

By Toluwani O

Jun 7, 2020

This course deserves more than a 5-star rating. It gives an exhaustive insight into the field of global health through Dr. Boyd's interview with experts. No doubt, I've gained a lot of insights from this course which I intend to apply going forward. It is highly recommended for anyone with interest in the field of global. I think the course should be renamed - global health for starters. Thanks Dr. Boyd.


Jun 30, 2021

The course have given me an in depth knowledge about different aspects of global health. The course has given me ideas about various new fields upon which extensive studies can be done. I am grateful to all the eminent speakers who shared their experiences in their respective fields. And lastly I would thank Dr. Boyd, who have really made the study time so interesting and knowledgeable.

By Giannina Z

Jun 22, 2020

Excellent course. Dr. Boyd is extraordinary, I have been taking good care of myself, but now I feel selfish. Thanks to this course I have realized how ignorant I was at the magnitude/impact of various issues affecting health outcomes around the world. I finished the course wanting to make a difference. That is how inspired and motivated Dr. Boyd was for me. Thank you.

By Tricia Q S

Feb 7, 2017

Video lectures are engaging, using different methods to bring across relevant knowledge and tie information together. The lectures are well-paced and slides are effectively used to communicate important knowledge. The recommended reading materials are all excellent choices to improve background understanding of the modules and ties in well to the lecture content.

By Natalia L M

Oct 22, 2015

This course was my first experience in Cousera an i can say that is really amazing the way Dr. Boyd take us to all his experiences and knowledge. I had the opportunity to met him and i can say hi is a really great person, he gave me some advises about my future carrier and i really appreciate hi take his time to talk to me.

Sincerely Thank you.

Natalia Lancheros

By Alice X

Jun 3, 2020

This course was thoughtfully constructed, and it kept my interest throughout. I have to admit I didn't watch some of the interviews as some were really long, but the ones that I did watch were insightful. I loved how Dr. Boyd included his travels to talk about issues. It put context to topics to explain to students as to why what we're studying is important.

By Elena K

Nov 10, 2015

Very engaging and informative course! Would highly recommend to those seeking a "101" on Global Health or looking to refresh their understanding of the space. Dr. Boyd is a highly engaging instructor and brings in different forms of instruction to keep the student involved (interviews with public health professionals, on-site investigation of a topic, etc.).

By Karina W B

Jul 5, 2020

Most amazing course! I'm so happy and pleased to have been Mr. Boyd's student - he's been truly inspiring and teaches in the most creative, pedagogical and hands-on way. A big big thanks to Mr. Boyd for igniting a real interest and urge to dive deeper into the study of global health. This has been a brilliant kick-start learning about global health!

By Ronaldo V

Jan 4, 2016

Dr. Boyd's course "The Challenges of Global Health" serves as a great introduction to the field of global health even to those without a health-related education or work background. He presents this course in a necessary perspective to draw attention to the pressing global health issues that affect every single specie in this planet we call home.

By Abhishek P G

Jun 15, 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed this class and have gained much knowledge. The only minor complaint I would have would be in regards to the formation of many questions. Sometimes I felt they were not thorough enough laving me unsure if I understood the question or would be able to answer it sufficiently. Over all though I had a lot of fun in this class.

By Kriztna K F V

Jun 19, 2020

A great course! I learned a lot during this past few weeks. Dr. Boyd has an amazing way of explaining, all of the lectures were simple to understand, very interesting and with lots of high quality material, including the several guest he had for interviews. The course was diverse towards the topics, dynamic, and completely fascinating.

By Angela J R

Jun 30, 2020

This has got to be one of my most favorite courses of all time. Dr. Boyd had made this lecture fun and exciting. I was very impressed with how they conducted every aspect of Global health in a more intricate way. He made me even consider taking Public Health as one of my choices for my future specialty. Thank you, Dr. Boyd!

By Sri A N

Aug 21, 2020

It was amazing course with amazing lecture, i'm glad that i can join in this wonderful course. In this course i get more information that realize me if as a young generation we can make some change it start from our own community. Thank you very much Coursera ✨ i'm happy that i can be part of this wonderful course.