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Subtitles: Arabic, Catalan, Vietnamese, English, Spanish

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English GrammarPunctuationGrammarWriting

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Subtitles: Arabic, Catalan, Vietnamese, English, Spanish

Syllabus - What you will learn from this course

2 hours to complete

Course Introduction

This is the first course in the Academic English: Writing specialization, which will help prepare you for studying in an American college or university. This first course will go over some of the basics of grammar and punctuation that you'll need to do good writing. It is not intended to review all aspects of English grammar, only the few topics chosen for this class. In this short module, to get started, introduce yourself and get to know the other learners a little bit. In the following lessons, you will watch video lectures, do readings, do practice exercises, and take quizzes. To pass the course, just pass all three quizzes. When you finish one activity, then go on to the next one. Enjoy the class!

1 video (Total min), 2 readings, 1 quiz
2 readings
Pre-Course Survey10m
Course Update10m
4 hours to complete

Verb Tenses and Conjunctions

In this module, you will watch video lectures, do readings, do practice exercises, and take quizzes. You can re-watch the videos or redo the exercises as many times as you need to to help you understand the material. This module will help you review verb tenses and how to use them correctly. You probably already studied these in your other English classes, so this will just be a quick reminder. Then you'll begin learning about how to use conjunctions in your sentences. This will help you write different kinds of sentences and make your writing more interesting.

6 videos (Total 28 min), 6 readings, 4 quizzes
6 videos
Verb Tenses Video Lecture8m
Present Perfect vs. Present Perfect Progressive2m
Present Perfect vs. Simple Past4m
Remember to Answer Classmates' Questions39s
Conjunctions Video Lecture11m
6 readings
Learning Objectives10m
Learning Objectives10m
Conjunctions Practice10m
Coordinate Conjunctions and Punctuation Chart10m
Links to Other Resources10m
Quiz Instructions10m
3 practice exercises
Verb Tenses Practice Quiz8m
Conjunctions Practice Quiz6m
Verb Tenses and Conjunctions22m
6 hours to complete

Compound and Complex Sentences

Now that you've learned about conjunctions, you're ready to learn about different types of sentences. In English, there are four types of sentences that you can use--and should use--to make your writing more interesting to read. In this module, you'll learn about two of the advanced sentence types.

2 videos (Total 17 min), 8 readings, 5 quizzes
2 videos
Adverb Clause Video Lecture9m
8 readings
Learning Objectives10m
Transitions Study Guide10m
Compound Sentences Practice10m
Commas vs. Semicolons Practice10m
Learning Objectives10m
Adverb Clauses in Complex Sentences Practice10m
Links to Other Resources10m
Quiz Instructions10m
3 practice exercises
Compound Sentence Practice Quiz6m
Adverb Clause Practice Quiz8m
Compound and Complex Sentences28m
7 hours to complete

More Commas, Parallel Structure, and Sentence Variety

In this module, you'll learn some other uses for commas. After studying this module, you'll know about 95% of the ways commas can be used. That means you'll be able to write confidently, knowing that you are using commas correctly and not just guessing. In addition to learning about commas, you'll learn about creating parallel structure and sentence variety. When you add these to your writing tools, your writing will be even more effective.

5 videos (Total 20 min), 10 readings, 6 quizzes
5 videos
Therefore vs. Therefore3m
Introduction to Parallel Structure19s
Parallel Structure Video Lecture4m
Sentence Variety Video Lecture6m
10 readings
Learning Objectives10m
Commas Practice 110m
Commas Practice 210m
Learning Objectives10m
Parallel Structure Practice10m
Learning Objectives10m
Sentence Variety Practice10m
Links to Other Resources10m
Quiz Instructions10m
Learn More!10m
4 practice exercises
More Commas Practice Quiz6m
Parallel Structure Practice Quiz6m
Sentence Variety Practice Quiz6m
Commas, Parallel Structure, and Sentence Variety24m
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By ROct 9th 2017

Hi, Learn the basic of the English grammar and the rules on writing, which so important to writing. Enjoyed and learn so much that will help overcome fear writing.\n\nThank You, Again\n\nRobert Perea

By DVNov 12th 2015

I am very satisfied with this course. It really helped me to improve my writing skills, and I am feeling more confident than I used to be.\n\nAfter this course, I am planning to take up the next one.



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About the Academic English: Writing Specialization

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Academic English: Writing

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