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Approx. 15 hours to complete
Subtitles: English

What you will learn

  • Explain the cloud side of IoT.

  • Use Cloud IoT Core, Pub/Sub, and Dataflow.

  • Implement a pipeline from their device to BigQuery and Dataprep.

  • Use BigQuery and Dataprep to gain insights into IoT data

Skills you will gain

BigqueryInternet Of Things (IOT)Cloud ComputingCommunications Protocol

Learner Career Outcomes


got a tangible career benefit from this course
Shareable Certificate
Earn a Certificate upon completion
100% online
Start instantly and learn at your own schedule.
Flexible deadlines
Reset deadlines in accordance to your schedule.
Beginner Level
Approx. 15 hours to complete
Subtitles: English


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Syllabus - What you will learn from this course

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Week 1

26 minutes to complete

Welcome to Industrial IoT on GCP

26 minutes to complete
3 videos (Total 16 min), 1 reading
3 videos
IoT on GCP Overview5m
Getting Started with Google Cloud and Qwiklabs4m
1 reading
How to Send Feedback10m
2 hours to complete

Foundations of GCP Architecture

2 hours to complete
2 videos (Total 2 min), 16 readings, 4 quizzes
2 videos
What is IoT?1m
16 readings
Lesson Introduction3m
Functional Advances Drive IoT Adoption4m
IoT Devices are Connected to the Cloud2m
What can be done with IIoT?4m
Challenges in IIoT5m
Lesson Review1m
Lesson Introduction3m
IoT Architecture3m
Google Cloud IoT Architecture6m
Cloud IoT Platform Stages2m
Ingest Data2m
Process Data2m
Analyze data2m
Device Management is Scalable with Cloud IoT3m
Google Cloud IoT is Secure4m
Google Cloud IoT is a Complete Solution2m
4 practice exercises
Internet of Things Use Cases10m
IoT Networks10m
Ingest, Process, Analyze8m
Google Cloud IoT Characteristics10m
1 hour to complete

Sensors, Devices, and Communication

1 hour to complete
1 video (Total 1 min), 11 readings, 3 quizzes
1 video
11 readings
Sensors and Devices Introduction5m
Types of Sensors4m
Choosing a Sensor6m
Device Commands4m
Defining Devices4m
Google IoT Developer Prototyping Kits5m
Introduction to MQTT and HTTP1m
MQTT Protocol4m
HTTP Protocol1m
MQTT and HTTP General Features Comparison2m
3 practice exercises
Choosing a Sensor8m
Sensors and Devices8m
4 hours to complete

Google Cloud IoT Platform

4 hours to complete
5 videos (Total 18 min), 21 readings, 8 quizzes
5 videos
Cloud Pub/Sub5m
Simplify Event Driven Processing with Cloud Pub/Sub3m
Introduction to IoT Cloud Core3m
Google Cloud Storage: Massive Scalability Plus More4m
21 readings
Introduction to Cloud Pub/Sub2m
Cloud Pub/Sub and IIoT4m
Preparing for the Pub/Sub Lab2m
Introduction to Google Cloud IoT Core3m
Cloud IoT Core Fully Integrates Your Devices4m
Registration Connects Devices to Google IoT Cloud4m
Protocol Bridges4m
Preparing for Cloud IoT Core Lab3m
Introduction to Google Cloud Storage2m
Define Google Cloud Storage Terms4m
Storage Classes2m
Comparing Storage Classes3m
Prepare for the Google Cloud Storage Lab2m
Introduction to Dataflow5m
Google Cloud Pipelines1m
Streaming Analytics with Cloud Functions5m
Apache Beam SDK-based Pipelines5m
Cloud Dataflow Templates5m
Google Provided Templates5m
Traditional vs. Templated Job Execution5m
Dataflow Lab Preparation5m
4 practice exercises
Cloud IoT Core8m
Google Cloud Storage5m

Week 2

1 hour to complete

Creating IoT Data Pipelines

1 hour to complete
1 video (Total 1 min), 2 readings, 2 quizzes
1 video
2 readings
Introduction to Pipelines5m
Prepare for the Lab2m
1 practice exercise
Streaming Pipelines8m
2 hours to complete

Analyzing Data with BigQuery

2 hours to complete
4 videos (Total 11 min), 3 readings, 2 quizzes
4 videos
Introduction to BigQuery1m
Explore ​9 ​Fundamental ​Google ​BigQuery ​Features3m
Query Basics3m
3 readings
Introduction to the BigQuery Videos3m
BigQuery Queries Overview4m
Prepare for theBigQuery Lab3m
1 practice exercise
4 hours to complete

Analyzing IoT Dataprep and Data Studio

4 hours to complete
7 videos (Total 29 min), 9 readings, 4 quizzes
7 videos
Introduction to Dataprep2m
An integrated data pipeline6m
Dataprep Lab Demo6m
Introduction to Data Studio4m
Connect to your Data3m
Share Reports4m
9 readings
Introduction to the Dataprep Demo2m
Dataprep tasks in the data pipeline5m
Flow Structure and Objects5m
Introduction to Google Data Studio2m
Connect to your Data10m
Visualize your data2m
Share Reports and Data10m
Data Studio Lab Introduction10m
2 practice exercises
Dataprep Lab8m
Data Studio Quiz8m
10 minutes to complete

Deprecated Lesson

10 minutes to complete
1 reading
1 reading
Deprecated Reading10m



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