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About the Course

By enrolling in this specialization you agree to the Qwiklabs Terms of Service as set out in the FAQ and located at: <<< Welcome to the Coursera course, Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) brought to you by the Google Cloud team. I’m Catherine Gamboa and I’m going to be your guide. This course covers the entire Industrial IoT network architecture from sensors and devices to analysis. The course discusses sensors and devices but the focus is on the cloud side. You'll learn about the importance of scaling, device communication, and processing streaming data. The course uses simulated devices in the labs to allow you to concentrate on learning the cloud side of IIoT. The course is a little different than most Coursera courses because there is very little video. Most of the learning is done with short readings, quizzes, and labs. This course takes about two weeks to complete, 11-12 hours of work with 6 of those hours spent in labs. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to: create a streaming data pipeline, to create registries with Cloud IoT Core, topics and subscriptions with Cloud Pub/Sub, store data on Google Cloud Storage, query the data in BigQuery, and gain data insights with Dataprep. You'll learn and practice these skills in 7 labs. Then you'll have an opportunity to test yourself in an optional capstone lab using simulated devices or Cloud IoT Core Inspector....

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Jul 11, 2020

It was a nice experience for me . I learnt a lot about google cloud platform and how the cloud works .Their assignments and labs were very fun and productive. This is a perfect course for a beginner.

Apr 12, 2020

Great Course. I was new to Google Cloud. But, the course teach well about the Google Cloud Platform. I had some problems in the Qwiklab sessions. But, I resolve them by chatting. Thank You!

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By Muhammed I

May 19, 2020

This course introduce learner for a great introduction to cloud side of IoT. as always google has the great content and most importantly practical sessions where you can dive into all of the wonderful areas. a standalone course.

By Robert C

May 23, 2020

Good Course shows the correct use of IOT and the platform APIs for example I was using GCF to do all of the data forwarding to BQ I can see how Data Flow can help me, Also I learned about better use of the eco system and APIs.

By José S C C

Jul 31, 2020

It was a very useful experience. I Appreciate that Google and Coursera teach this kind of courses for people that want to keep studying by this way. i really enjoyed this, and of course I learned a lot. Thanks for everyone.

By Aarthi K

May 30, 2020

Very informative and at the same time, the intro to the lab sessions were clear and concise. The instructions for the Qwiklabs Lab Sessions were easy to follow through and made the lab flow easier to understand and complete

By Yashveer S

Oct 24, 2020

Great course for IoT. I found that adding the security certificates for streaming devices was really interesting for authorization. I would like to see more of industry grade security authentication added to these courses

By Sumeet S B

May 13, 2020

Fantastic opportunity to learn hands on implementation of IIoT on Google cloud. Its very easy to use, handy and nice platform for implementation. Thanks to google and coursera for offering such nice interactive course..

By Armando M G M

Apr 20, 2020

It is interesting how the course in a short time provides the fundamental concepts to create a streaming IoT system with GCP. I really liked the course, from the beginning it is possible to interact with the GCP tools.

By Mahin A

Jun 20, 2020

A very good course on IoT using google cloud. The best part about the course was the interactive labs giving a hands-on experience that gives the confidence to apply the knowledge on real-life projects based on IoT.

By Ronak A S

May 4, 2020

This course by Google gave a really good introduction to IoT it's applications with the google cloud features along with practical qwicklabs sessions to try hands on practice on GCP and some other features of cloud.

By Maxim B

May 17, 2020

Although the were some small problems this is the most practical course I've ever taken.

No superfluous theory, very clean and detailed explanation. And finally the learning process itself is done by practicing.

By Tai L

Nov 7, 2020

This course thoroughly went over fundamental knowledge about GCP and brought comprehensive Labs, helping learners to have practical experience on GCP. Highly recommend this course to those interested in GCP.

By Soumik R

Jun 3, 2020

The course is very good and its is very help full for the beginner to learn many thing about t the google cloud platform and its features. And also thanks to the coursera team and the mentors of this course.

By mcvean s

Apr 29, 2020

This is an amazing course!! It gives hands-on experience on how to use the different methods supported by Google Cloud to create a working IoT network. Really useful resources and study materials provided!

By Kiran T

Apr 21, 2020

This course is very good for a beginner who wants to make a carrier in IoT and GCP. The course is easy to understand and more interactive. labs are awesome, its challenging and keep engaging all the time.

By Srabasti B

Jun 5, 2020

The Cloud IoT gave a nice overview of all the different products and processes that comprise and help transform data to insights. Enjoyed all the tutorials. Thanks for having this program for all of us!

By Akshay k

Jul 12, 2020

It was a nice experience for me . I learnt a lot about google cloud platform and how the cloud works .Their assignments and labs were very fun and productive. This is a perfect course for a beginner.

By Sehresh M

May 23, 2020

Great Course. I was new to Google Cloud. But, the course teach well about the Google Cloud Platform. I had some problems in the Qwiklab sessions. But, I resolve them by chatting. Thank You!

By Wannes G

May 21, 2020

Really good course to get comfortable with pubsub, dataflow and bigquery and the different connections between these three. So not only relevant for IOT but also more general ETL pipelines!

By Rishikesh K B

Dec 21, 2020

Coursera delivers quality content. I enjoyed the whole session. The only thing is all Technical courses should be available in Hindi also. So, that many rural area students get benefited.

By Ahmed E

Jun 5, 2020

this course is one of a fantastic ones is cloud computing. I develop my knowledge about google cloud platform and how can use it in IoT and how to do data pipeline on the collecting data

By priyanka a

May 30, 2021

I am a IT student. This course was just awesome. This course was new for me but the way you have taught us each and every concept in a best way. Thank you for this course.

By Akash G

Aug 30, 2020

This course is really useful of me for my knowledge and carrier. In this course i learn lot of things which is related to IoT technology and cloud computing architecture.

By Tek R C

Aug 15, 2019

The course was very well organized and gives overview as well as hands on experience on Google Cloud Platform for IIOT. Would recommend anyone who are interested in IoT.

By Aastha j

Jun 1, 2020

its always better to have practical knowledge rather than theoretical knowledge . the qwicklabs session helps a lot to in actual interaction with google cloud platform.

By Krishna P

Apr 19, 2020

Thank you, Coursera for this Coursera. This was a great experience in the field of IoT and the GCS system. I would like to learn more and increase my knowledge with you