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About the Course

We introduce low-level TensorFlow and work our way through the necessary concepts and APIs so as to be able to write distributed machine learning models. Given a TensorFlow model, we explain how to scale out the training of that model and offer high-performance predictions using Cloud Machine Learning Engine. Course Objectives: Create machine learning models in TensorFlow Use the TensorFlow libraries to solve numerical problems Troubleshoot and debug common TensorFlow code pitfalls Use tf.estimator to create, train, and evaluate an ML model Train, deploy, and productionalize ML models at scale with Cloud ML Engine COMPLETION CHALLENGE Complete any GCP specialization from November 5 - November 30, 2019 for an opportunity to receive a GCP t-shirt (while supplies last). Check Discussion Forums for details....

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Oct 17, 2018

pretty good. some of the code in the last lab could be better explained. also please debug the cloud shell, as it does not always show the "web preview" button ;) otherwise, good job!


Jun 06, 2018

Nice introduce, might be more on introduce the model structure, because I still need to read additional notes to locate how to train my deep learning model online.

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Aug 21, 2018

very helpful course

By David R D

Sep 06, 2018

good introduction to tensorflow and also covers ML @ scale and production readiness.

By Bello G

Sep 05, 2018

I really enjoyed this course, i didnt know machine learning models can be deployed so easily, All thanks to tensor flow and CLME

By Harold L M M

Sep 21, 2018

A very complete introduction to Tensorflow and Cloud MLE.

Thank you.

By Maurizio C

Sep 24, 2018

Excellent course, well explained.

I would like to recommend adding a lesson to train with input from external test file (CSV)

By David W

Oct 17, 2018

pretty good. some of the code in the last lab could be better explained. also please debug the cloud shell, as it does not always show the "web preview" button ;) otherwise, good job!

By Joel T

Aug 28, 2018


By Prasant S

Aug 30, 2018

Thank you google

By Gustavo M

Aug 17, 2018

Very good lectures to really take advantage of tensorFlow and Google Cloud's Services

By Zezhou J

Nov 08, 2018

Insightful and comprehensive introduction to TensorFlow!


Oct 27, 2018

leggit course for beginners

By Fernando A V

Nov 03, 2018

Excellent course!

By Bielushkin M

Nov 11, 2018

good job

By Somaiya J G

Nov 14, 2018

Tenserflow :)

By Mark B

Nov 25, 2018

the vid on why cloud ML was great: e.g. taking things to a new level by offering distributed training to users

the debrief of the last lab was key.

some pointers re the challenge exercises would be nice.

Great job introducing users to tensor flow, the estimators and how to train and deploy in the cloud.


What was I looking at in the ML cloud log (last lab)?

Why was there a deadline for the assignments? I thought this was self paced learning. I like the material a lot yet my day job workload varies so having deadlines on labs that I would want to understand in more depth is sometimes not ideal. In any case. Great material . Thank you

By Abdul R Y

Nov 27, 2018

Great course!

By Sheetala P T

Oct 09, 2018

I found this course very helpful

By Mohit Y

Aug 20, 2018

This was a great course !! Thanks Coursera !!

By Iulia K

Oct 04, 2018

Great and very detailed explanations and pro tips !

By Shreyas B

Oct 05, 2018

Helps in getting a strong intuition on working with TensorFlow.

By Yingchuan H

Sep 17, 2018

Nicely structured and precisely explained. Fun to try the labs!

By Kevin D F C

Nov 30, 2018

Excelente un gran curso introductorio

By Joel M

Dec 03, 2018

great course, with clear instructions!

By Fathima j

May 11, 2019


By 영신 박

Apr 27, 2019