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ITIL® 4 Foundation Test Preparation is designed to introduce learners to the key concepts, terminology, and best practices for creating, and improving the quality of IT services across the IT organization. This class is focused on exam preparation. Through a series of self-paced learning, practice quizzes and exams, students become acquainted with ITIL terminology, and how it applies to the Service Value Lifecycle. This course requires 5 weeks at about 2-4 hours/week to complete....

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Mar 4, 2023

The course designed was great, it's simple and easy to understand. I have gain lot's of knowledge by completing this, which will be helpful for my day to day activities.


Mar 22, 2023

This course is optimally designed for the exam. In addition, it is a very good starting aid to familiarize yourself with the ITIL terminologies.

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By Prateek K

Feb 9, 2022

Although the course covers the ITIL 4 Foundation topics, I found the course material unstructured with lot of grammatical errors in the content. For example, the BMC documents are not attached to the correct week, the reading times are falsely calculated. Besides the course mentions there are 15 practices but the documentation covers many others, which I believe is not up to date.

By Kelley B

Jan 29, 2023

I passed

my exam

on the first

try. I highly recommend studying

the pdf documents at the end of the course

By Harsh G

Dec 7, 2021

It covers all the topics and everything is very well explained and practical. To be honest it is much better than most of the courses on Udemy. Also, i studied this course only and passed my certification yesterday :)

By Karthigeyan P

Oct 8, 2021

I have studied this dedicatedly and I have cleared my external ITIL 4 certification. Wonderful Course Material

By Evan S

Feb 3, 2023

Great course. I was averaging 70% on practice exams until I studied all of the material through this course. I scored an 80% and then a 90% on the final practice tests before taking the proctored exam (and passed).

By Noel

Dec 27, 2021

Great preparation, need corrections though for the final 2 exams. I am unable to double check the incorrect answers.

By Kartik T

Feb 20, 2021

Excellent course training and has met my desired expectations!!!

By Kalie D

Jan 11, 2022

The course helped me pass the ITIL4 Foundation Exam. I reviewed the course for three weeks, in combination with reading the actual Axelos book, and I felt very prepared for the exam. Thank you so much!

By Miguel-Angel J

Mar 23, 2023

This course is optimally designed for the exam. In addition, it is a very good starting aid to familiarize yourself with the ITIL terminologies.

By Safa K

Jun 11, 2021

I chose 3 stars because there is 1 point which I loved and 1 which I am very irritated with. The course doesn't have a automated voice. Its as if I am literally being taught by an actual teacher. That' wonderful. The irritating part is the fact that you don't provide the correct answer for an incorrect answer provided. The explanation helps but we need to know the correct answer to be 100% sure. Thank you for an amazing program!

By Michelle A

Feb 12, 2022


By John S

Sep 17, 2022

This has got to be the worst thought out course I have ever had to deal with to date. The quizes are poorly worded, misspelled, have incorrect punctuation and don't always follow along with the course material (i.e. providing multiple correct answers as choices but only accepting one of the correct answers as actually being correct).

I am unenrolling immediately and going over to Skillsoft. I'm so frustrated with the course material here that I can't concentrate or learn so finishing this course would be counterproductive to my goals.

By sang p

Oct 11, 2022

I did successfully get my certificate. I think this course was helpful, but you need more. I listened to the course lectures a couple of times and did the quizes. Those were helpful. Then I read the ITIL 4 book. When you sign up for the exam via PeopleCert, they will give you a free ebook version of the Axelos ITIL Foundations book. You need to read that. The lectures are good for explaining concepts. The quizes are useful for seeing the types of questions and topics that might come up on the exam. But you want to read the book and especially focus on the highlighted topics in the boxes. Since the practice quizes will not tell you all of the possible questions that come up.

By greer a h

Sep 13, 2022

wow: this was a great course!

i paid t take this course with another provider: the voice of ther moderator was so irritating and the materials and supporting documentation so far from engaging, thtaI actually paid again to take this.

Loved it: concise and to the point. the facilitator seemd very it didn't seem forced or overly formal.

Appreciated the identification of things to consider for the test in each module!

Worth every dime!

By Choukairi Y

Jan 16, 2023

Une formation très intéressante à recommander aux différentes organisations, mangers... offrant les meilleurs pratiques qu'une entreprise peut suivre pour améliorer sa stratégie et ses services et gérer efficacement sa gestion de service

By David S

May 15, 2023

Concise, clear and well presented.

It's a shame that a lot of presentations, on other courses, are not made to this quality and standard.

By Vivekanand D

Apr 8, 2021

It's very nice course the standard set of practices to support organizations through digital transformation.

By Musab A

Oct 28, 2021

It's very useful and the instructor was excellent, many thanks for you all.

By Rex W T

Aug 9, 2021

Course is good, enough practice items and very clear.

By Rittim A

Jul 27, 2021


By Landry C

Dec 15, 2021

J'ai préféré la préparation à l'exam ITIL4 de Coursera par rapport à celle de Thought Rock.

Très bonne formation qui donne une bonne vision sur la politique de travail de l'entreprise et sur ses valeurs. Une meilleure utilisation et compréhension des moyens fournis par mon entreprise, l'importance des bonnes relations et échanges internes et externes.

By Sanjeev K

Aug 10, 2022

Course study materail and video is very simple language ....... every one can understand the language or study method of this course, videos and notes both are avaible in this course ....u can study any where on phone, laptop desktop and tab.

Thanks for Coursera for this wonderful course ............Once again thanks to all Coursea Teams.


Oct 5, 2021

Before this course, I didn't know a word about ITIL. Now I have gained some valuable insights to the applicability of this model to the "co-creation of value". It's a comprehensive guide to thbody of knowledge necessary to take the ITIL 4 Foundation exam

By David R

Mar 4, 2023

The course helps you prepare for the ITIL 4 Foundation exam with easy-to-review lessons and informative reading materials. In addition, the videos and the reading material help re-enforce the concepts required to pass the exam.

By joao b f

Aug 20, 2021

this is one of the best course i have ever taken, good contents, good materials , well sumarizad, i apreciate very much. and i am very thanksfull for cursera , i hope this platform to grow grow and grow... i love to meet you