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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Lead Management with HubSpot by HubSpot Academy

About the Course

In this course, you will learn how to create and implement an effective lead management strategy for your business using HubSpot’s tools. After learning the importance of lead management within the context of the buyer’s journey, you will learn best practices for auditing and mapping out your process as well as for using a sales and marketing SLA. You’ll learn how to organize your leads by both segmenting them and qualifying them within a lead qualification framework. Nurturing relationships with your leads will be a key part of these practices, as well. Next, you’ll learn how to assign values to leads in order to prioritize outreach along with how to quickly assign each lead to the right representative on your team. You’ll learn to use metrics to track your lead management results and report them using HubSpot’s dashboard. Finally, the course will culminate in the application of your skills to build a lead management flow in HubSpot. By the end of this course you will be able to: • Describe the importance of lead management • Create an effective lead management strategy • Segment, qualify and organize leads in HubSpot • Create a lead nurturing email campaign • Prioritize leads with lead scoring in HubSpot • Manage Sales Qualified Leads with Lead Routing • Identify metrics to track lead management results • Report on lead management results • Create a lead management dashboard in HubSpot • Experience and build a lead management flow in HubSpot Regardless of your current experience, this course will teach you the practices you need to create a lead management flow in HubSpot and successfully nurture your lead relationships. This course is intended for anyone interested in jumpstarting their career in sales - whether you’re changing careers and looking for an entry-level role, or want to hone your skills in your current role as a sales representative. It does not require any background knowledge or experience to get started. Throughout the course, you will complete exercises that ask you to apply the skills you have learned in a practical way, such as mapping your lead management process, scoring leads with a worksheet, and creating a lead routing workflow. You will compile your work and submit it as a project at the end of the course....
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