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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Creating a Personalized Learning Environment in the Classroom by HSE University

About the Course

The course provides an overview of current pedagogical, psychological and philosophical theories and approaches, accompanied by a large practical block on the design of personalized learning environment in the classroom. The broad goal of this course is to spread relevant pedagogical solutions to a wide range of teachers. An important element of the course is the practical block, providing clearly presented recommendations and guidelines for creating personalized learning environment in the classroom, including tools and techniques to provide individualized instruction. Changes in professional style do not occur revolutionarily, it is an evolutionary process. Each week students would be given practical tasks to redesign their lesson plans to make them more personalized and student-friendly. By the end of this course students will be able to: - identify learning theories - choose teaching and learning activities relevant to the chosen course objectives - rethink and redesign their own teaching practice through the lens of personalised learning - create student-friendly instructions and teaching materials - gradually implement methods of personalised learning in their work...
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