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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Project Execution by University of California, Irvine

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Project Execution has many challenges and a good project must learn how to execute projects and adjust to changes that may derail your project plans in the traditional and agile project management environments. In this course, the student will define direct and manage project work and knowledge. By the end of this course, you will be able to: - Direct and manage project work by preparing proactively for changes that lead to adjusting and re-planning your projects to success. - Conduct project execution according to project plans in both the traditional and Agile project management environments and effectively manage resources throughout project execution....

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Feb 12, 2021

Excellent instructor and class. Live sessions and video classes help a lot in understanding PMBOK concepts. I also enjoyed the virtual interaction among my colleagues.


Aug 8, 2019

Practical hands-on course that allowed me to create a project from start to finish.

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By Jeremy H

Mar 3, 2019

The lack of examples of what was expected made this course very challenging. I almost felt as if I was teaching myself. Also, instructor tended to speak really fast and zoom through concepts without really exploring them throughly.

By Nikole H

Sep 25, 2018

Professor didn't grade work all course long. Many of my assignments are still ungraded. All assignments graded after course end could not be seen which also means grade feedback cannot be seen either.

By John P D

Jan 3, 2021

The Project Execution wrap-up all skills gained from the Initiation to the Execution. The Program works iteratively and combines many concepts and tools for running Project Successfully. However, since we had a strong, enthusiastic, very Intelligent Instructor, Mr.Peter Kim, who's trying to do his utmost to help the student grow in Project Management, I have captured few lessons. First, the Instructor's ability to respond to all student's concerns friendly. Second, the Instructor's encouragement to let Students learn deeply about the Subject Matter, and Third, the good cooperation and collaboration with the Course Instructor forms the basis of the motivational Class.

Thanks, Instructor Peter Kim, UCI DCE, thanks Coursera Team.

John Paco Dradria

By Melissa B

Aug 7, 2018

Course was great but one note for future students: The format of instruction and types of exam questions are quite different from the prior two courses. Do your reading, take notes from the videos, and maybe a little additional online research and you'll do fine. It was an adjustment in the beginning for several students, but the instructor realized this and addressed it -- helped a lot!

By Jaime C

May 25, 2021

The teacher works hard to teach the fundamentals of the PMBOK and gives the students an understanding of how to use them. He also encourages the use of Project Management language and PMBOK concepts applied to the course assignments.

By aldo

Mar 15, 2018

Highly recommended to complete modules "Launch" and "Planning" before diving into this one. The reason being that execution is concerned with the synthesis and application of all the techniques covered in the previous modules (because it's time to go into the fray! so to speak). Having the PMI's PMBoK on hand is a necessity in this module.

By Vincent T H

Jul 14, 2019

Sample Template and Example Documents or Flowchart in PDF will be very appreciated

By Ninon Z

Oct 8, 2018

It wasn't a great eperience to do this course. First of all, I didn't get graded of my assignments on time---course was closed but grades of more than half of my assignments were still open. It wasn't only me, but all my classmates. Without the grading and comments, we don't know if we did the assignments right, and where we can improve. Second, I had two assignments which were were graded below 60%. The comment to the first one was I didn't reply to at least two of my classmates. But that was an individual project assignment and we were graded by the course team, and we can't see others' submissions. It's not fair that I was graded 50% for that submission. For the second one, the comments were the review criteria as if I didn't follow the criteria. But I did follow. There was no valuable comment towards the content of my assignment itself which is very irresponsible! Third, the live session. It happened on Friday and due to the time zone issue, I couldn't attend. But the recording was uploaded too late. Sunday is normally the deadline for assignment submission and we don't need last minute tuition. If it was for tutoring us through the course, then it should have been arranged before Wednesday and the recording should be uploaded the same day as the live session took place so we had enough time to use it as guidance under the circumstance that we didn't have enough tuition. We paid heaps of money to do this course and we deserve better tuition and service!

By Ty S

Jun 13, 2019

The course is not in line with the PMBOK. The instructor provides vague requirements that do not align with the book. Quiz's are set for the student to fail. When I compare course 1 and course 2 to course 3, I am not learning anything. If your students 90% of the time fail a quizhen the quiz

By Mona S

Feb 26, 2022

Wonderful instructor and great content. I was able to immediately apply what I learned in the course at work. Peter sincerely cares about our learning. He combines the real world PM wisdom with PMI recommendations to guide us through a wide variety of important topics. I particularly enjoyed the weekly live sessions where we can discuss any project management related issues with Peter. In addition to project management, Peter taught us how to communicate well with a touch of humor, and how to lead effectively. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is willing to learn through a rigorous class to improve their PM skills!

By Carlo M

Jan 15, 2018

Having a strong engagement during an online course is always difficult. However, during this course, I have really appreciated the continuous support and encouragement, I have received over this course.

One of the most important achievements from this course is the PMBOK Guide. I read it in previous courses, but I can say that in this course I've learned how to read it effectively and how to use it.


By Eric A

Dec 9, 2019

Peter Kim was an exceptional instructor. We worked a lot with applying the PMBOK concepts into everyday life scenarios, as well as our personal work interests. Applying the concepts in that matter allowed us to have a better grasp of the information.

By Erika P G

Feb 12, 2021

Excellent instructor and class. Live sessions and video classes help a lot in understanding PMBOK concepts. I also enjoyed the virtual interaction among my colleagues.

By Stephane M

Aug 9, 2019

Practical hands-on course that allowed me to create a project from start to finish.

By Cintia G

Nov 7, 2018

Great explanation and responses to email from the professor.

By Denys I

Dec 21, 2017

Very useful part of education

By Yader R

Apr 22, 2019

Great stuff!

By Timothy C

Sep 17, 2018

The material was useful but the organization seemed to be lacking. Lots of jumping around on topics with disconnects to what was being taught, and what was being asked. Still have no idea why there was a Milestones activity mid-class. Grading was way behind for this round. As of the end of class, i still had ungraded assignments from week one and not a single week was closed out. I believe there were 10 out of 22 assignments graded, of which 6 were quizzes which are graded once submitted. It's a little silly that only four or so assignments were graded by the end of class. I assume i passed the class! Despite this, i didn't want to penalize the score i gave as this may have been a one-off and as mentioned, the material is useful.

By Hein S

Aug 31, 2020

Nice Course, But quite taxing in terms of workload. The academical work is a bit vague and "unappliccable" to reality. V3ry nice if you want to start a career in Project Management!!!

By Farshad

Dec 26, 2017

Course contains very thought provocative exercises which allows to apply the project management knowledge in realistic situation.

By Mariecris T

May 31, 2020

Some problems with dashboard, grades are not showing at timely manner. Unlike first two courses.

By Jan R

Oct 21, 2019

Content and exercises are very good indeed! I learned a lot! The presenter in the video lecture has nice examples and analogies but talks quite fast. The discussion forum was not very helpful but the instructor responded promptly to email queries. Although I earned an 'A' I found the material more challenging than the previous courses. The level of jargon and abbreviations keeps increasing. Perhaps good to get used to? ;)