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About the Course

The goal of the course is to introduce students to Python Version 3.x programming using hands on instruction. It will show how to install Python and use the Spyder IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for writing and debugging programs. The approach will be to present an example followed by a small exercise where the learner tries something similar to solidify a concept. At the end of each module there will be an exercise where the student is required to write simple programs and submit them for grading. It is intended for students with little or no programming background, although students with such a background should be able to move forward at their preferred pace. The course is four modules long and is designed to be completed in four weeks. SPECIAL NOTE: Python Programming: A Concise Introduction course will close for new learner enrollment on 2/16/22. In order to earn a Course Certificate, you will need to complete all graded assignments by 8/16/22. If you are interested in earning a Course Certificate for this course, please upgrade or apply for Financial Aid by 8/16/22. If you are a Coursera for Business learner, you can continue to use your sponsored credit through that date....

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Jan 3, 2017

Quite interesting introduction to Python, focusing on the most important components of the language. Looking forward to other courses using the same format. Thank you Bill and team for your hard work.

Nov 28, 2021

This course was amazing as well as was an interesting course.I have learnt a lot of new concepts and things with the help of Respected Sir Bill Boyd and looking forward for more such type of courses.

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By Bob S

Feb 11, 2018

The information, speed and explanations are very clear.

Minor possible improvements: I ran the videos at 1.5x speed, since the instructor talks very slow and leaves a lot of pauses in between sentences. Also, the keyboard strokes are very, very loud sometimes.

Other than that, perfect course.

By Coralia V G

Jul 14, 2019

This course provides a good introduction to Python for complete beginners (like me). Explanations were detailed and clear for the most part. Exercises were of appropriate difficulty. I would recommend this course to people wanting to get started with programming, it was very useful to me.

By Barbara B

Jun 3, 2017

The course was very well structured. When I needed support once, I got valuable feedback within a couple of hours (it was over the weekend!).

The only thing I didn't like was the low image resolution of the videos. Even on a big screen, I sometimes found it hard to read the code.

By M.Shoyeb S

May 5, 2020

this is one of the excellent course and, it lives up to its title being superbly "concise", yet i felt it was not extremely beginner friendly as it assumes you have basic knowledge about python basics or certains things seemed skipped and keeps you wondering where it came from.

By Laura T

May 10, 2021

This was a great intro to Python. My problem file got corrupted and I was beating myself up because I was getting the right answer but getting no credit due to a 'runtime' error according to the grader. Once I used a new problem file and re-submitted, it was all joy!

By Zaland A

Sep 20, 2021

One thing that was different from other courses is that the assignments were so unique that the ready made as it is solutions was not and could not be found from the internet or other sources. It was a very good course, a realy comprehensive. Thanks coursera

By Michail V

Nov 12, 2020

It includes a good amount of information to be introduced in Python. The style of the follow along video exercises was very helpful. Moreover the homework reflected well the taught material, while also summarized efficiently the most important aspect taught.

By Alois

Dec 2, 2018

A highly pragmatic and efficient boots trap course for people with some previous experience in other program languagues. Absolutely hands on. Not needing it personally, by watching I was amazed by the reaction speed of the tutor team in the discussion forum.

By Suny K

May 28, 2020

Some of the videos are from 2015/2016, using an older version of Spyder that has some different features than the stable version available now, but the course otherwise still holds up and teaches basic Python skills even for those with no coding experience.

By Anmol A

Aug 20, 2020

I am overwhelmed with the course material. I am really happy regarding this course. I have learned many things like creating functions and running those functions in spyder ide. I have learned modules like sys, os, random, statistics, CSV, and fractions.

By Alok A

Dec 26, 2018

Great to jump start the python script. Awesome instructor and the content. I really liked the pace of this course. The only reason, i did not give this a five star, is the quality of videos is really poor. Spyder commands that are run are barely visible.

By Christian S

Jan 23, 2020

Very helpful introduction to Python, focusing on the most important components of the language. Looking forward to other courses using the same format, some examples with excel interaction would be welcome. Thank you Bill and team for your hard work.

By Anand S

Oct 17, 2016

The course is pretty good, but not mobile friendly course since the font size becomes way too small for visibility. Hence learning is not possible while travelling by train / car to utilize unproductive time.

Otherwise, content-wise it is pretty good.

By Tian S N

Oct 21, 2018

A very comprehensive introductory for people without programming knowledge. However, the materials given are somewhat similar to the examples covered in the lecture. It would be a perfect course if the coursework is slightly more challenging.

By Pritam K B

Apr 23, 2017

After submitting the assignments and getting score,it will be better if Coursera provides the solution of those assignments.By this,students will get benefit form this that what mistakes they did and how will it will be corrected in future.

By Mallesh S M

Jun 20, 2018

The course was good it is really helpful for beginners and the teaching is also good and the exercise material helps a lot these exercise material are more than sufficient for completing this course and the problems given were very simple

By Sean S

Oct 5, 2016

Very straight forward course with easy to follow instructions. The autograder takes some getting used to. Make sure there are no additional lines at the end of your code and make sure everything is precisely copied for your output.

By Egor S

Jan 30, 2021

A great introduction to Python programming that allows you to learn essential basics. Additionally, I appreciate that this course was free. However, I wish it focused more on the statistics and maybe visual representations of data.

By Moshe S

Aug 26, 2017

Excellent course. Systematic and methodical. Good examples. Good level of exercises. The only minor drawback is some duplication or repetition on material given at the beginning of a week, and throughout the lectures.

I liked it!

By Paul Q

Mar 3, 2021

Very easy to follow introductory course.

Had a good time learning the new syntax. Coming from a C background I was glad the pace matched my learning curve.

The only issue may be with auto grader offering little to no feedback.

By Nghepkam P R

Dec 30, 2016

Très bon cours, beaucoup appris de ce cours et je tiens à remercier toutes ces personnes qui ont contribués au développement de cette plateforme "COURSERA" et au Prof Bill Board et à l’Université qui a dispensé ce cours


Dec 31, 2018

A good introduction to python concepts. Personally I don't see the utility of string formatting, and some of the questions were worded in a way that I found ambiguous, but overall I am very glad I found this course.

By Arvin S

Jan 15, 2022

Really helpful and very easy. Bill is certainly the hero here. His explanation are very easy to follow. I give 4 star because I think the autograder can improve. It can give more feedback of what is going wrong.

By PushonMukherjee

May 7, 2021

Very good for the beginner level. Touches upon the basic aspects of the language and then gets into the depths of some of the most important features. The exercises are thought-provoking and challenges you mildly


Dec 1, 2016

Grate class for any beginner with no programming background or Python knowledge. Helped me to understand key basic concepts. Will be nice if you guys provide more exercises to practice and tougher questions.