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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Multiplatform Mobile App Development with React Native by The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

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About the Course

This course focuses on developing truly cross-platform, native iOS and Android apps using React Native (Ver 0.55) and the Expo SDK (Ver. 27.0.0). React Native uses modern JavaScript to get truly native UI and performance while sharing skills and code with the web. You will learn about UI development with React Native UI and layout support and access the native mobile platform's capabilities from Javascript using the Expo SDK. You should have already completed the Bootstrap 4 and the React courses in this specialization before proceeding with this course. At the end of this course you will be able to (a) Build mobile applications targeting multiple platforms with a single codebase, (b) Leverage your React and Javascript skills, (c) Use various features of React Native and the Expo SDK to build truly cross-platform mobile applications, and (d) Use Redux to design the architecture for a React-Redux application...

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May 30, 2020

This course helped me a lot improving my skills. This course was also helpful in developing my final year project. I am learn new language ie;react native and also learn how to run with android also.

Dec 28, 2019

This course helped me a lot in developing and improving my skills. This course was also helpful in developing my final year project. Overall this course was very good and informative.

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By Sourav P

Aug 10, 2019

The course may be updated to use the latest packages as there are lot of breaking changes in the latest version of the packages.

By Jose A

Jan 27, 2020

As with previous courses in the specialisation, content is outdated. Some exercises don't work as defined. Some assignments evaluate tasks nor defined in description.

By Brandon L

Nov 16, 2019

The course content needs to be updated as there is a lot changes happening in React Native world.

By Srihari M

Oct 11, 2019

The course is good & cool, but many outdated libraries are used

By Shea H

Dec 17, 2020

Far more time was spent trying to fix dependency issues for this course than learning the material. I learned a lot from this course, but not on its intended outcomes. The material needs to be updated. That said, the teacher is, as always, great. Especially look forward to his puns and his examples are always great. I just wish the material he taught worked and did not require many hours of fixing dependency issues.

By Subhadeep D

May 4, 2020

Enjoyed the course but can't help agreeing that the modules and the content of the course is quite outdated and has to updated regularly to maintain its value.

By Theodosios T

Jan 27, 2020

Some of the course material is deprecated. So you'd have to spend some time on your own to fix issues.

By Taras S

Dec 23, 2019

Used libraries are a bit outdated

By Muhamad A B J

Aug 5, 2019

Great course. Need to update. Some of library used in this course is changed but still can follow by reading updated docs from expo.

By Magnus E N

Dec 27, 2020

The courses in this specialisation have been fantastic, but this course disappointed me. The quality of the course was very good, but it was horribly outdated. Every exercise was a new round of unsolvable errors because of the incompatibilities between modules. The course material needs to be updated to the newer versions on react native, so that it will be compatible with the other modules used in this course

By Deleted A

Dec 24, 2020

Overall it is good but it is outdated so there will be difficulties while doing the course

By Laines Q S

Dec 3, 2020

Working with react-native-script version 1.0.0 which is 3 years old by now. Atm version 3.5.1 exists.

Also not a lot of people are doing it, so it takes a while to get your submissions corrected.

By Jenny H

Dec 1, 2020

I had to abandon this course due to the outdated code. Following the instructions, including the versions the course specifies can not work due to React removing function calls the instructions rely upon. I limped through what I could (2 weeks), but hit barrier after barrier, until it became evident that doing the exercises as instructed can not stand in the current React Native language. Example: you must use "expo" now. The course doesn't mention it, as it didn't exist (or wasn't required) when the course was made.

By Vishal g

Dec 3, 2020

Most of the things explained in this course is outdated. I used the same code as used by instructor on my machine but the code gives an error. This happens many time. I even not able to install react native as shown in video exercise.

You must update the course

By Azhar B T

May 3, 2020

so many outdated content....this course is very old...cannot follow exactly what the trainer told u...u have to figure out to import certain updated library by yourself. nobody will help u

By Brigita V

Jul 15, 2020

The effort Jogesh K. Muppala and others have put in this course is really amazing. It is worth mentioning that there are quite a few parts that are already outdated, but there is nothing that the internet and discussion forums did not solve. Besides that, this course gives a thorough introduction to mobile app development. For me, it was the first time developing a mobile application and besides a few drawbacks, I'm really satisfied with the results. If you want to understand "how and why" - take this course. Every bit of code is explained by a lecturer, it is really worth the time ;)


Nov 24, 2020

Old material and outdated that makes attendance hard to follw

By Edgar A

Jan 6, 2021

update this course.

By Joosep A

Jan 18, 2021

Unfortunately this course is too out of date to pursue. I have also filed a support ticket to Coursera regarding this matter and hope to find a solution there.

Otherwise I have really enjoyed the previous courses and am very upset I cannot continue with React Native in this course.

To the creators: Please do not ignore your students' feedback. The discussion forums are full of the same critisism from within the past 12 months.

I hope to try this course again, once it is up-to-date. Currently I would seriously recommend not wasting your precious time on it.

By Ryan J K

Nov 19, 2020

Honestly so frustrated with this course. Needs to be updated. Cannot unenroll.

By bharat k

Dec 23, 2020

this is outdated not worth for your time just dont waste your time


Nov 12, 2020

The Course is Outdated, there will be a lot of struggle

By coder h

Jan 9, 2020

I learned a lot of general features about ReactNative from this course. The professor explains perfectly. if you acheive this course, you could develop mobile apps you want. I followed this course with React Hooks and Expo SDK 36. It means you don't need to worry about what version is released now in RN. Thank you for the best course of RN.

By Rodolfo d A V

Aug 21, 2019

I had no previous React competence but I was able to complete this course smoothly thanks the the way the instructor has structured this course. Kudos for him!

By Dave D

Jan 22, 2020

Needs to be updated. I myself don't mind having to search for the latest way to do something. But the reason many people take a course because they want to be shown how things are done. Too much has changed for this course to be presented without an update.