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Did you ever want to build a web application? Perhaps you even started down that path in a language like Java or C#, when you realized that there was so much “climbing the mountain” that you had to do? Maybe you have heard about web services being all the rage, but thought they were too complicated to integrate into your web application. Or maybe you wondered how deploying web applications to the cloud works, but there was too much to set up just to get going. In this course, we will explore how to build web applications with the Ruby on Rails web application framework, which is geared towards rapid prototyping. Yes, that means building quickly! At the conclusion of this course, you will be able to build a meaningful web application and deploy it to the “cloud” using a Heroku PaaS (Platform as a Service). Best of all, it will almost feel effortless… Really! “But wait”, you will say, “there is no way that we can build a useful application if there is no database involved. You need the data for an application to be useful.” Great point! But what if… instead of getting the data from the database, we get it from the internet by tapping into one of the web services out there that readily provides data needed by our application? “Ok, but that’s probably very complicated”, you will say. Take this course and you will be pleasantly surprised at just how easy it is!...

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Sep 30, 2017

I have played around with Ruby on Rails before but this course really helped me understand the nots and bolts. It is worth replicating all the examples shown in the videos to get a good understanding,

Aug 6, 2016

One of the most challenging things I've ever done.\n\nThe course goes from zero to web deploy in 3 weeks and there are more to enjoy, discover and learn....\n\nTry it, I't's a no-return voyage

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By Fernando G

Jun 6, 2016

No really what I expected. It's too advanced for a beginner to Ruby and web development but I feel it would be to slow if you read the tutorials and recommended books.

When first module and tests are very easy and guide well, but the pace rushes at the end.

There's a lot of parts when "we'll se this later" is mentioned, which means that maybe the examples are not appropiate for the pace of the course.

The little exams and practices are way too easy compared to the week's qualified test. Some parts of the test require to check the documentation or looking in the internet cause it wasnt explained in the videos.

After trying some Java, Ruby seems pretty easy but from what I've seen, RoR should be a tool for startup enthusiasts who require easy prototyping and low knowledge of programming/web development.

This course is explained as if the students are programmers / web developers that already use tools like github, heroku, unit testing who probably dont require that explanation in first place, but is not deep enough for newcomers.

I recommend take a bit more time and include more steps of learning, maybe 1 first course for Ruby before getting into Ruby on Rails. And since is an introduction it should include an installation tutorial. Should I install from repository or a Version Manager (like RVM), the gem concept, what setup do I need, etc.

By Andrew C

Jan 23, 2018

I enjoyed the course. I feel like I got what I came for with an introduction to Ruby & Rails. The course has issues which need to be addressed as I believe that stagnation has caused the course to become more difficult than intended. The main problem is that the course is based on outdated versions of Ruby and Rails. It's too difficult to configure your computer for the prescribed versions. If you don't get it just right, the automatic grading software will give you 0 on the final assignment even though your app works correctly. Also I feel that if you don't have previous programming experience this course will be terribly difficult. Students should invest the time to learn some git and the basics of unit testing ahead of time.

By Dariia L

Jul 25, 2019

You know, the course is really good in knowledge. But there are such a lot of blanks you have to figure out when you make you assignment. Well, I had some experience in programming, and only that helped me to pass this course. Too much missed and not explained information. So if you're a beginner and chose Ruby as a first step - this course won't help you. Also, I understand that the course was done long time ago, and it's not possible to update videos. I had such a lot of problems with bundles and versions, especially when it comes to assignments. I would like to thank teachers for the support in forums, I got a lot of solutions to my problems in your answer. Not all of them though( Sometimes it was like working with blind eyes.

By Qun X L

Sep 17, 2016

1. please the instructor speak loud and clear. As English is not my first language.

2. please the instructor and mentor check QA and answer them timely.

3.Too many information to understand in 3 weeks of courses, Ruby, Rails, Gem, Bundle, Rspec, Unit Test, Black Box Test, and Food2Fork, Heroku.

4. And only 3 weeks the instructor could not make these knowledge areas which I list in point 3 clear. Instructor said that we are not cover this point in this lecture in different lessons several times, so skip over something until this course finished. I suggest that add 2 more weeks to this course.

5. I like the assignments from this course, these assignments job help me recall what learned in the courses.

By Husam F

Aug 5, 2019

About me:

I Have some experience with Python, Java, C++. Complete beginner with anything webdev.

The lectures (5 stars):

The lectures are light, the explanation is clear and concise. Some details are left out but it is probably for the best (...and can be filled in with a little "googling"~). Great for a beginner.

The SW Installation and coursework (1 star):

A good part of the SW instructions seem grossly out-dated. For the final course assignment: 1- I ended up ditching "" and installed an up-to-date version of each component individually. Also, I ditched "phantomJS" & used "" instead.

Took me +10 hours....

By Dmitry Z

Sep 27, 2015

Course provides a simple introduction to Ruby. Unlike some others, it requires you to install Ruby from scratch (no VM with preinstalled components) and the final assignment requires you to do a project from scratch as well (no template). This is good and provides a much more real learning experience than some courses. However the bad things are: the deadlines are way too strict; the lectures are way too long and seem to have an unclear structure; technical problems are frequent; a lot of stuff remains poorly explained.

By Nikhil P

Dec 26, 2016

The only setback I had was during the purchase of the course. My amount has been deducted from the bank, but no intimation from this is obtained, neither from Coursera nor Paytm. Please DON'T RUIN YOUR IMAGE because of this. Except for that , This is an excellent course material. Loved going through the videos and assignments. Was equally challenging and FUN to learn ROR

Thanks :)

PS : Please initiate the Re-Payment process or at least reply to student's grievances in the Help and Support Forum.

By Grzegorz J

Nov 22, 2016

This course is really good for Ruby beginners but it doesn't provide enough basic information on Rails framework. The lectures are clear and of a good quality as well as course assignments. The one think I really didn't like is that if you use a new version of Rails you'll have to downgrade. It's not a big problem but new versions bring new functionality and give more power to the developer. But if you don't know Ruby and Rails at all this is a good place to start.

By Todd F

Sep 24, 2016

This one starts out pretty slow, in fact I had a hard time getting myself excited about working through the material unlike the ML specialization. However, it does get better at the end. Not sure I'm sold on this specialization yet, but we will see after the next course. I think overall from Coursera I'd like to see more interaction and graded programming exercises in between videos to really hammer the concepts home.

By David E

Mar 28, 2016

A lot of material is presented here which is both good and bad. You will find yourself googling a lot of things as the videos cover certain aspects quite quickly, even some that are important to the assignments.

If you have the time to research some of the concepts on your own I say go for it. However, if you don't have much time or you are a complete beginner I would maybe try something else.

By Joseph C

Dec 27, 2016

It is obvious that a lot of effort has been put into producing this course but the assignments were just a bit too difficult. They were too involved and very unforgiving of small mistakes. It took more like 8 or 9 hours of problem solving and debugging and having to try different things and there was one every week so it became pretty frustrating as it really ate into my weekend.

By David S

Nov 3, 2015

Subject matter is excellent, but I feel that the course material had too many trick question for a beginner. Also the lectures would have been more absorbing if they were not just slides with a wall of already inputted code (i.e. a live recording of the coding would have been more informative... like what is done in most other courses)


May 8, 2016

Very basic introduction. Having said that I couldn't really recommend it to someone without any prior experience. Most concepts were glanced over, for someone without prior experience the material would be too demanding but for people with experience (e.g. me) it was too easy (even though I had no Ruby / Rails experience).

By Ipek G

May 10, 2020

An outdated course

Unfortunately, although the instructors and instructions are clear in steps to be taken to run a certain program or complete a project since the recommended program versions are very old you face a lot of problems. It just helped me to get the basic idea about Ruby and Ruby on Rails.

By Matthew A

Sep 9, 2017

OK, but not super well explained. Submission and application is often very buggy and example API to follow along with is no longer available.

I think any video series falls short of the complexity of Rails. I found the suggested book "RUBY ON RAILS TUTORIAL (RAILS 5)" much more valuable.

By Geoff S

Sep 26, 2017

It was a good intro, but the delivery was a bit clunky with not enough careful attention paid to the actual code and the reasons why it was as it was. The exercises were checked using spec and automated grader that were not open to the multiple ways a problem can be solved.

By Neal R

Nov 14, 2016

For an introductory course, you really need to move fast and stay focused as there is a large amount thrown at you in a very short time. While this was all very good information, I would much rather have 6-7 at least to spend more time and have more exercises with the code.

By Walter J K

Jul 1, 2019

The course is excellent, but some serious work needs to be done on the week 3 grader. I had a very hard time trying to get my project accepted. Also, it's about time to update to Rails 5.

By Aman A

Jun 27, 2016

It was good but the examples could have been better and there could have been more material. But whatever syllabus was there in this course it was clearly explained

By Mauricio

Mar 13, 2016

Rough around the edges. The assignments are not clear enough. I never got contacted by my mentor and didn't know how to reach out to him either.

Content is good.

By Deleted A

Oct 9, 2019

The lectures were good, but the installation instructions and final assignments were based on obsolete packages and wasted a lot of my time.

By Robert A

Jun 23, 2018

This was very tough. It would be helpful to have the technical requirements have a reference to the specific lessons for review.

By Aurelien L

Aug 18, 2019

The assignments are very easy and cover less than 20% of the course's content, so the certificate hasn't much value.

By Kseniia M

Apr 17, 2020

There is a lack of more detailed description of tasks and examples in order to understand how to do the assignment

By Paul M

Aug 18, 2017

Great course - I learnt a lot about ruby and rails - but would benefit from an update to latest code versions.