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About the Course

This one-week accelerated on-demand course provides participants a a hands-on introduction to designing and building machine learning models on Google Cloud Platform. Through a combination of presentations, demos, and hand-on labs, participants will learn machine learning (ML) and TensorFlow concepts, and develop hands-on skills in developing, evaluating, and productionizing ML models. OBJECTIVES This course teaches participants the following skills: ● Identify use cases for machine learning ● Build an ML model using TensorFlow ● Build scalable, deployable ML models using Cloud ML ● Know the importance of preprocessing and combining features ● Incorporate advanced ML concepts into their models ● Productionize trained ML models PREREQUISITES To get the most of out of this course, participants should have: ● Completed Google Cloud Fundamentals- Big Data and Machine Learning course OR have equivalent experience ● Basic proficiency with common query language such as SQL ● Experience with data modeling, extract, transform, load activities ● Developing applications using a common programming language such Python ● Familiarity with Machine Learning and/or statistics Google Account Notes: • Google services are currently unavailable in China....

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Jan 09, 2018

Thank you very much for making this course available on Coursera, I cannot agree more the knowledge of Mr Venkat. This is a great way to help people to get started with Google Machine Learning.


Sep 08, 2018

A very good course on TensorFlow, ML and Google MLE on GCP.\n\nThe Labs are self contained and the problems proposed are very challenging. I learned a lot on this course.\n\nThank you!

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By Eric S

Sep 07, 2017

Nice overview, but not much depth.

By Ivan S

Nov 10, 2017

Quality of material is mediocre:

-tons of useless short videos

-inconsistent sound level

-missing lab

By Justin G

Oct 12, 2017

Some funky non editing in the videos, but overall this was a good overview.

By Naveen B

Oct 08, 2017

The course appeared to be put together poorly by pulling from many different sources. Therefore it lacks coherence. There are many videos that are under 1 minute long and just there to make a statement or two or just to repeat the last video. Some videos end before instructor could complete his statement. Some videos are recordings from a classroom setting and makes it hard to follow. Also would've appreciated some support from the course team for questions posted on the discussion forum. I think topics such as machine learning in GCP deserves a bit more respect. This course needs to be planned from scratch with MOOC and Coursera format in mind.

By Babak T

Nov 18, 2017

Great course in many ways, but I encountered a lot of errors/warnings regarding outdated TF-versions. Kind of felt unprofessional at times because of that. Otherwise - great content, great tutorials, great lectures and great labs!

By Priyank m

Mar 14, 2018

Need good understanding of Python and TensorFlow syntax.

By Jay S

Jun 26, 2017

Good introductory course for use of TF on GCP! Prior knowledge of TF would be handy as well. Video recordings needs improvement. Video clips from a group class setting appear in the course as well.

By Sebastian M

Jun 25, 2017

The title doesn't reflect the real content of this course, it is more like an introduction to start developing on ML solutions rather than to actually getting in to production on ML google engine

By Glauber L

May 26, 2018

It would be better to present a easier material on TF. This is not for someone starting on TF.

By Josh J

Sep 01, 2017

Course content is excellent. Organization is not good. It seems like there were some errors in the order of a few quizzes as well as links to the wrong sections. If you take this course and find yourself lost on a quiz or a lab; skip it watch more content, then go back. It was probably out of order.

By Daniel M

Jan 06, 2018

Tends to drag on a bit and the instructor does nothing to make machine learning sound interesting.

By Eric K

Dec 24, 2017

many of the classes had copies in the next video - or had stopped midway in conversation. - please review and re-edit.

By Walter S

Jun 24, 2018

Too advanced for a beginner.

By Sanjeev B

Jun 03, 2018

Need to dig in more to understand

By Yuri G

Apr 29, 2019

Often video repeats same things over and over, provides obvious examples.

By Muhammad D N A

May 01, 2019

the lab is outdated but features engineering is suitable for Data Engineer to implement on works

By Alvaro R F

May 03, 2019

I understand the complexity, this is why I rate 3 stars

By Subhrendu B

Jul 23, 2019


By Kevin T G

Aug 18, 2019

Labs have issues with the versions.

By Graeme C

Oct 23, 2019

A number of videos cut off mid-sentence.

The video flow was poor.

Some videos were too long, some were too short.

The code for TensorFlow was absolutely blown through, and then time focused on other stuff.

Most of the time in the labs was spent waiting for SSH keys to propagate - 3 of the 4 labs in the TF module(I think that's the one) should be combined and made into 2 hours total instead of 1.5 hours each because they are all extremely related and yet had separate, extremely long setup times.

By Oscar A B L

Sep 17, 2019

para sacarle un mejor provecho al curso es necesario entender por completo python.

By Juan P

Nov 14, 2019

a bit out of date in terms of versions used

By Juan P

Nov 23, 2019

Course is an ok introduction to ML with Tensorflow. It does however needs a serious face lift when it comes to the labs. Several where broken and required debugging and some intuition to work around the bugs in order to finish them and get a grade.. If you want to learn Tensorflow, I would look elsewhere, if you want a quick course where you want the very basic and do not mind the hands labs being broken (i.e. just care about the very high level information), then sure, go ahead and enroll

By Benjamin O

Nov 22, 2019

7th lab was broken

By Sungryong H

Nov 23, 2019

Terribly Broken Labs