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About the Course

This course is for you if you are looking to learn more about Six Sigma or refresh your knowledge of the basic components of Six Sigma and Lean. Six Sigma skills are widely sought by employers both nationally and internationally. These skills have been proven to help improve business processes and performance. This course will introduce you to the purpose of Six Sigma and its value to an organization. You will learn about the basic principles of Six Sigma and Lean. Your instructors will introduce you to, and have you apply, some of the tools and metrics that are critical components of Six Sigma. This course will provide you with the basic knowledge of the principles, roles, and responsibilities of Six Sigma and Lean. Every module will include readings, videos, and a quiz to help make sure you understand the material and concepts that are studied. You will also have the opportunity to participate in discussions and peer review exercises to give you the opportunity to apply the material to your daily life. Our applied curriculum is built around the latest handbook The Certified Six Sigma Handbook (2nd edition) and students will develop /learn the fundamentals of Six Sigma. Registration includes online access to course content, projects, and resources but does not include the companion text The Certified Six Sigma Handbook (2nd edition). The companion text is not required to complete the assignments. However, the text is a recognized handbook used by professionals in the field. Also, it is a highly recommended text for those wishing to move forward in Six Sigma and eventually gain certification from professional agencies such as American Society for Quality (ASQ)....

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Sep 10, 2020

Great course for begineers!! I suggest this course to those who are new to industry and dont know anything! Concepts are very well explained! Thanks Coursera! Thanks NOVARTIS FOR SPONSORING THE COURSE

May 29, 2020

This course gives you a good overview of why six sigma and lean are necessary. It also gives you an understanding of how team dynamics play important roles and how brainstorming is an effective tool.

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By Ketepalli S D S P

Aug 6, 2020

Its nice.


Apr 22, 2020


By Moataz A

Jun 13, 2021

The course relies too much on reading the book. Which is not why we took the course. If we wanted to read the book we could've.

The instructors' presentations are very vague and all they do is just read what's written there... There is no practical assignments or hands-on training.

Overall, the course and the specialization is very weak.

By Aviral P

Apr 10, 2020

The course is designed around the need to buy a book for the course which is currently unavailable in my country. Like all other courses on coursera, the author should have made available the excerpts required to be read online without the requirement of buying a book for the same


May 7, 2021

I find some of the principles included in this course to be interesting, however, the fact that 75% of the examples relate to manufacturing make it difficult to picture how these principles can be applied to my current position and the duties I perform daily.

By David M

Oct 8, 2020

I think the course is ok but relies too heavily on the book which is not supplied and the quiz also relies heavily on the book and if you do not have it you cannot get answers for incorrect remarks

By Gürkan B

Nov 4, 2020

The slides and the trainer do not add a lot of value. Reading the recommended handbook provides the same benefit. Slides are difficult to follow. Presentations are not engaging.

By Jessilyn K

Sep 14, 2020

The instructor for this course was very monotone and showed no excitement for this. Additionally, none of the items spoken about on the lectures were given on the quiz.

By Pavel V

Oct 20, 2020

Course quizzes include content from the book that is marketed on every step, but the actual information that the quiz is asking you is not provided.

By Omar M

Jun 16, 2020

Didnt find it that helpful. A lot of theory and definitions/terminology. Very heavily based on the book. Can just buy it and read it

By Alex G

Jun 3, 2020

Basic concepts that are over-elaborated in a boring way. Lectures are basically reading slides; readings are not supplied.

By Muhamad A B A B

Jul 23, 2020

Course are not regularly supervised, explanation & content doesn't really match. no notes provided

By Suraj P

Apr 3, 2021

You will never get to download the certificate. Useless course.

By Anton M

Oct 11, 2020

You will have to buy extra books to complete the course

By Marek

Jul 30, 2020

to much text, That text has used difficult english

By Fan Z

May 27, 2021

a​ lot of theories, useless in practise.

By Kristie W

Apr 21, 2020

Course is poorly put together. Power point videos are walls of text that the narrator talks over (doesn’t address any text on the page), and doesn’t give you a chance to read. At the same time, the course is severely lacking in information. Information provided by the narrator doesn’t remotely cover information in the quizzes.

Also, I’m disappointed by how heavily the course relies on an outside text that costs $105 and is not included with the cost of the course. Save your money on this course and just buy the text. The course is useless.

The juxtaposition of the topic being covered vs. the quality at which they are providing the information is humorous.

By George Z

Apr 29, 2020

The course is overly simplistic. It should only be recommended for students or people with no manufacturing experience. The text is out of print. Copies can be obtained via eBay but they are very expensive. I had better luck using "Six Sigma for Dummies." Last but not least, the videos are terrible. The slides are little more than bulleted outlines of what the speaker is saying. On top of that, the video streaming is buggy. I had constant problems. ( I am on a gigabit fiber connection and have no problem running other streaming services).

By Marianna M

May 4, 2021

The course is putting too much unnecessary emphasis on memorizing unhelpful details rather than teaching practical skills. I don't find any value added in memorizing names of the founders of the principles or naming certain principles. This is a very old and unproductive and time consuming way of teaching the course. This could be condensed and take 1/4 of the time.

By Megan S

May 21, 2020

Course is very disorganized. Purchasing reading materials is required to complete the course. I purchased "Six Sigma: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide" instead of the yellow-belt-specific and it worked ok, but I've found self-study to be more constructive than this course. Videos are mediocre quality and very dry/boring.

By Ilya N

Apr 26, 2020

Dropped after the first quiz of the 1st week. The logical result of non-synced slides / lectures + the instructor has a particular way of speaking. Contrary to other courses I took, this one leaves a strange after-taste. DO NOT RECOMMEND.

By Jorge T R

Jul 26, 2020

It provides very few information in the videos.

It looks the purpose of this course is you buy and read the book.

Videos are plain presentations with a lot of text, rather than visual information, without a presenter at sight.

By Ataulmusawar A S

Jun 23, 2020


i tried sample yellow belt exam after the course. this course is missing almost 80% of the stuff. simply waste of time. try other places.

By Sabrina D C

Apr 27, 2021

Written text does not always correspond with Video.

old-fashioned way of instructing,

Instructor often just reads without any inspiration

By Houri R

May 18, 2020

Very light material for deep questions. It's not very practical or instructional and definitely doesn't help with the quizzes.