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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Presentation skills: Designing Presentation Slides by National Research Tomsk State University

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About the Course

“Powerpoint slides are like children: no matter how ugly they are, you’ll think they’re beautiful if they’re yours” — Scott Adams, author of the comic strip “Dilbert”. Due to this cause or another, it’s a huge stress to look at most Powerpoint slides. Depending on the “design” skills of the speaker and audience’s taste slides create different emotions from a slight annoyance to physical sickness. But that is not the worst thing. The worst thing is that instead of improving the presentation such slides confuse the audience, distract it and finally oblige the speaker to explain them rather than being quite self-explanatory. The goal of this course is to change that by equipping learners with a set of tools to create simple, clear and aesthetic slides which improve the presentation of the speaker. The course covers universal design principles, templates, colors, typefaces, slides’ typography, use of photos and pictograms, composition rules and ways to create clear and meaningful charts and diagrams. This course is not a PowerPoint fundamentals course. You should have a basic knowledge of either Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote software. Don’t meddle, make your slides matter....

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Sep 30, 2019

Awesome course for everybody. This will help you put forward your points in a better way everytime and in any situation. It taught me simple tricks and list of todo's that one needs to keep in mind

Oct 5, 2020

Really helped me understand some of the fundamentals of design. I did not realize the power of icons, tables, pics, and typography. I really enjoyed the teaching and how it taught me fluid design.

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By Gehad S M K

Sep 15, 2019

great illustrations

By farah d

Jul 15, 2020

cool and fun


Jul 7, 2020


By Rajan A

May 15, 2020

Great course


Sep 29, 2020

It was good

By Anna M

Jun 28, 2020

Thank you !

By Hilda Y W S M

Aug 10, 2020

very great

By Shakil A

Aug 11, 2020


By Shikha B

Jun 28, 2019


By Zuriel G M B M

Feb 25, 2021

The course was overall amazing!

The first practice quiz, "Slides' purpose", was difficult to understand even when the correct answer is presented. The difference between Remind, Impress, Explain, and Prove is still vague. There are some elements that can also be applied in the other slides.

The other practice quiz, "For the most curious", latter parts when we identify the size of the audience. It is also a bit vague. There's a bit of a problem with the other "Select all the answers that apply" portion of quizzes.

However, the course still gave me better insights and I am now more confident with my skills in PowerPoint! Thank you very much!

By Francisco Q

May 17, 2021

An unfair grading system, a very slow grading system and not much support from the team BUT an EXTREMELY useful toolbox. I loved the course material, not the peer's revision system. Think it twice if you want to get the certification in six months as I did.

By Juan M A F

Apr 21, 2020

Review Process is very random...

By Deep S

Dec 24, 2017

presentation was good

By Kiran G G

Apr 20, 2020


By Ammi T

Oct 29, 2020

Unfortunately I was disappointed in this course. While it's called "Designing Presentation Slides", the course didn't touch at all on how to use the tools in PowerPoint and Keynote. The course was more about basic design principles, like colors and fonts. While it was fun to re-design bad slides, I still don't know how to use the tools required to create slides. For example, the instructor would say: "remove the drop shadow from the template to make it look better", but then I had to use a search engine to find how to actually do this. The instructor is engaging, and I enjoyed the external links to videos and articles. I recommend changing the name of the course to "basic design principles" as it doesn't teach how to create presentations.

By Cynthia B

Aug 26, 2020

I'm sorry but this course is not good. I love the Excel course and those teachers. They take you step by step. Give you excel documents so you can follow along with them. This person is just talking and his accent is very thick and some times I can't understand him. I really wish you could get the same teachers that you have for the Excel Skills for Business Essentials for this power power presentation course

By Abdulaziz A

May 25, 2020

Below my expectations, more theoretical than practical.

By 6892 M A H S E D

Aug 14, 2020

The worst course I've ever seen!It's more like a person throwing random ideas here and there, without deeply explaining certain steps or methods to apply those ideas. I mean, I'm a slides-design virgin -and many of the course students are as well-. however, the lectures give us tips as we are already designers and we want to improve our skills. I've learnt nothing except that using icons in my slides gives it a quiet cool appearance. that's all. I've regretted the time I've wasted on this course. They'd rather show us more examples, so that we understand how things work, and when I say more examples, I mean examples for every single video and topic, and not for a SINGLE video from each week, because examples are what makes us learn best.The lecturer is supposed to be a presentation expert. however, his "emm"s are so so so many that irritates me, and this is one of the main good presentation skills, not to "emm" or "ahhhh" a lot. Another thing is that the way he addresses his subject. It's like he is reciting ideas instead of teaching. I hated it.

By Raushan Z

May 22, 2021

the most boring and useless course on coursera in poor English -_-

By Выприцкая А И

Feb 4, 2020

Мне не понравился курс, а ещё я не понимаю, как от него отказаться

By Nidheesh S K

Aug 3, 2020

This course is for beginners. Not as told in course description

By Victoria L

Jul 31, 2020

Why can't I un-enroll if I want?

By reshma r

Mar 23, 2021


By Deleted A

Apr 3, 2020

Did not find course interesting

By Aditya K

Oct 14, 2020

Guy himself cant present