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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Creating and Developing a Tech Startup by École Polytechnique

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About the Course

This course will allow you to identify and evaluate opportunities for creating a tech business, and to better understand its principal issues on a human, technical, commercial, environmental and financial level. As such, you will obtain solid foundations either for building your own tech business, or for joining one. Deciding to create or to join a tech business in these early years is an out-of-the-ordinary adventure, and it certainly won’t be straightforward: you need to be ready to accept that not all "good" ideas will lead to success, and that only a very small number of projects lead to great success. You must learn to overhaul your relationship with failure, which is a valuable source of experience and should be managed according to the logic of “acceptable loss”: the entrepreneur loves uncertainty, not excessive risk. The creation of tech businesses gives you a genuine opportunity to change the world, but requires you to adopt a particular state of mind and to be able to acquire knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills. You will have the chance to work alongside passionate and exciting people from a whole multitude of backgrounds. From a technological point of view, these women and men have constructed numerous companies of a global scale. The development trajectory of a tech business is full of mishaps which require you to be both agile and greatly prepared to build on a strong idea, choose your market, develop your proposal, assemble a team worthy of the task in hand, and finding financing. The course is made up of methodological sessions as well as first-hand accounts from entrepreneurs and people who have succeeded in creating tech businesses themselves. You will thus be able to get to know the essential dilemmas with which high-tech business creators are confronted with, beginning with the initial decision to set up your very own structure, which itself represents a significant life decision. You will also see that the creation of a tech business is much more a collective adventure than an individual one. In the English version, all of the reading content, quizzes and assesments will be in English, whilst the videos will have French audio and English subtitles....
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By Gaspard M d L V

Apr 10, 2018

Great course, great teachers and a lot of good content. Clearly defines the challenges in creating a technological start up and how to overcome them. Just would have focused the quizzes a bit more on theoretical content, involving some mathematics, economics or accounting for example.

By Louis P

May 04, 2019

Excellent ! MOOC à faire si tu entreprends !

On apprend grace au partage d'expérience d'anciens élèves entrepreneurs !

Les cours sont bien organisés et on y expose l'essentiel.

Merci pour ce cours qui m'a aiguillé dans mon parcours d'innovation

By Antoine A

Dec 03, 2016

Well structured and complete overview on a very exciting topic make this MOOC really enjoyable and interesting to attend. The speakers are of high quality, coming from all the types of activity involved in start up ecosystem (even though quite all HEC or X graduates :)) and with very clear speeches.

I highly recommend.

By Harry L

Apr 24, 2017

Thank you very much! This course is so useful to me!

By Alexis S

Aug 30, 2019

Great learning experience!

By Vincenzo L

Nov 12, 2019

Focused and interesting!

By Mukharbek O

May 20, 2016

Useful course!

By Kaio M R

Oct 27, 2017

Ótimo curso.

By Stéphane T

Oct 06, 2016

Great course

By Yves-Marie Q

Apr 24, 2020


By Kader F

Nov 03, 2017


By Lea S

Nov 15, 2017

Very interesting speakers with extremely different personalities, styles, backgrounds! Assignment way too intense and not enough related to course materials. Felt like doing free work for a really existing company without clearly defined learning experience /advantage for us. However enjoyed and appreciated the course and will certainly profit from it in the future.

By Alvaro U

Jan 28, 2019

Good course touching many aspects, but with little depth (time does not allow for more). I consider it a good initial awareness course for these matters, but more in-depth training should be followed afterwards

By Paul P

Apr 27, 2020

Cours complet, instructif. L'étude de cas pourrait être davantage en lien avec des start-up technologiques numériques, peut-être moins "niche".

By Maksym P

Mar 12, 2020

Great content but each quiz focuses too much on non-essential and irrelevant stuff like "what his company did", "what he felt it meant" etc.

By Hafidz J L

Apr 02, 2018

Through this courses, I found many helpful advises from professionals. Thank you!

By Ahmed N

Nov 01, 2018

It would have been better to be in English!

By Bentajar

Feb 19, 2018


By Daniel d S G

Oct 21, 2016

Excellent content undermined by technical problems. The non-multiple-choice assignment (which involves analyzing a business plan) is particularly annoying. It requires uploading of screenshots but there is no "upload" feature is available. The assignment must be graded by "peers" -- which means, if you happen to take this course at a time when no one else is taking it, you're out of luck.

Re: content, I would discourage you from taking this course if you don't speak fluent French. Indeed, you even need to understand how the French sometimes mis-translate into English, because some words in the answers to the multiple-choice quizzes don't exist in any English dictionary -- you will only understand them if you can guess what French term inspired the bad translation. The pace of lecture-hall-style discourse in the videos is such that subtitles will not save you if you don't understand French.

These technical and minor content issues are unfortunate, because the core content i s really quite good.

By Jorge A R

May 07, 2020

Content is ok. Most of the videos and stories from the founders are also very interesting. However, the structure of the course, the way that the academic material is laid out, and the lack of bilbiography iis not the best.

By Marco A

Aug 08, 2017

great learnings about tech start ups, very entrepreneurial. had some reserves about the assignment which is graded by peers who are sometimes not objective (someone rated me top grade (3) on one answer and someone else 1

By Maurizio V

Aug 20, 2018

This course could be improved under several aspects.

1. Some of the contents are more "academical" than "practical", making the course not particularly adapted for aspiring entrepreneurs.

2. The assignments are poor and there is no interaction with the teachers whatsoever even if you have paid for obtaining a certification for the course.

3. Despite the description, the course is almost entirely in French language with only English subtitles.

4. There are several other courses about creating and developing startups that are better than this one, with more practical and direct application (and mostly for free!).

By Jérôme V

Sep 28, 2017

missing follow-up from organizers ; exercise too based on copy pasting from content / laborious for smartphone type of course online

By Chloë Z

Oct 15, 2017

Very confusing course, half in English, half in French. Wouldn't necessarily recommend unless your French is superb.

By Bernhard P

Mar 20, 2020

French - why would you give it an English title if it's not in English?