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Digital Marketing

Learn essential skills to build a digital marketing career by enrolling in top-rated programs from leading universities and companies.

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Social Media Coordinator
(Entry Level)
Digital Marketing Specialist
(Mid Level)
Digital Marketing Manager
(Mid Level)
Stories from the Coursera Community
Sydney M.
Marketing Manager
Stories from the Coursera Community

“After COVID-19, I was without a job. I recalled an article I’d read about free online courses and found Coursera. I signed up for courses on viral marketing and brand management. A few weeks in, I found an opportunity to volunteer on a marketing committee. Within a week they asked me to put together a global marketing strategy! Fast forward a few more weeks, and a Linkedin connection asked if I wanted to talk because she thought I would be a great fit. I started my full-time dream job 49 days after I got laid off. I can say with absolute certainty the Coursera courses helped me get this job.”

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