3.1 AR Feature Detection & Description Method Comparison

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The third module “SIFT SURF FAST BRIEF ORB BRISK” focuses on all of the core feature extraction technologies used in AR (Augmented Reality), which include SIFT, SURF, FAST, BRIEF, ORB, and BRISK. As feature extraction is the most important (and computation burdening and time consuming) procedure of the AR process, the variety of technologies applied in state-of-the-art AR devices are studied in detail in this module. The lectures cover the characteristics of the AR IPD (Interest Point Detection), feature detection, and description schemes, which include SIFT (Scale Invariant Feature Transform), SURF (Speed-Up Robust Feature), FAST (Features from Accelerated Segment Test), BRIEF (Binary Robust Independent Elementary Features), ORB (Oriented FAST and Rotated BRIEF), and BRISK (Binary Robust Invariant Scalable Keypoints).

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