6.1 CDN Introduction

The sixth module “CDN Video Streaming Technology” focuses on the necessity and operations of advanced video service CDN (Content Delivery Network) technologies. First, the CDN structure and the operation process of CDN hierarchical content delivery is covered. Second, the CDN market value, market size, service providers, and the role of the Telcos, CDN providers, operators, and market regions are studied. Third, details on CDN cooperative caching and content routing, Query based scheme, Digest based scheme, Directory based scheme, Hashing based scheme, and the Semi-hashing based scheme are covered. Fourth, content aging and updating operations along with CDN popularity prediction and contents update techniques (with operational examples of the LRU (Least Recently Used) and LFU (Least Frequently Used) strategies) are covered in the lectures. In addition, the differences in CDN vs. Mobile CDN technology are discussed.

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