2.8 B2B: Place Marketing Part2

During Week 2, learners will begin to dive more in depth to the specific B2B marketing elements, i.e. product, price, place and promotion. For product marketing, the key emphasis will be on how customer needs are defined in the organization during the total buying process. For price marketing, given the B2B2C nature of including the end-user, price and value, as well as costs, can be varied depending on the application. For place marketing, based on the principle that distribution is the analysis of service or functions demanded by the customer, learners will understand when and how the total channel can be designed by the various channel members including the manufacturer. For promotion marketing, boxing is used as an analogy of the combination and sequence of communication tools that a marketer can use to gain attention, instill interest, stir desire and finally move customers to action. There is a practice quiz and a graded quiz in Week 2 for learners to accustom themselves to a formal evaluation of B2B marketing mix knowledge acquisition.

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