2.6 Solubility Rules

<p>Welcome to week 6! We have reached the last week of video lectures and exercises for the course! Are you ready to make the final push through the rest of the material? After that, you should be ready to tackle the final exam which opens next week. I have enjoyed working on this course; and I hope you have too!</p> <p>This week, we will first release a couple of review videos related to solution and solubility from <i>Introduction to Chemistry: Reactions and Ratios</i>. Please review these important concepts before starting Lesson Two - Solutions. Then we will start with a review of dissolution and covers some concentration units. This is accompanied by solution-related demonstrations and another bonus interview with a chemist who also works at Duke. The interviews were conceived and filmed by Abdul Latif, an undergraduate in the humanities who is interested in the history of chemistry and how people choose their professions. Enjoy!</p>

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