4: Understanding the Differences Between Declarative and Procedural Learning

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Lesson Plan, strategies in teaching, social emotional, neurodiversity


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Jul 4, 2022

I really enjoyed this course. Great instructors who broke down the information so clearly so teachers are able to easily use the information in the classrooms. Thank you!


Dec 14, 2022

excellent overview of neuroscience for learning

with examples

of classroom techniques and implementation strategies

for all types of learners.

From the lesson

Week 2: How to Reach and Teach Both Procedural and Declarative Pathways

Taught By

  • Placeholder

    Barbara Oakley

    Professor of Engineering

  • Placeholder

    Beth Rogowsky

    Associate Professor of Education

  • Placeholder

    Dr. Terrence Sejnowski

    Francis Crick Professor at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies

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