2.17 Review (Watch with Companion Worksheet)

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你已经完成数据收集、分析报告以及预测。现在,你必须要清楚解释你的结论。这周结束后,你对这艰难的任务有充分的准备,练习实用的语言来描述图表所要表达的故事。在接受挑战时,保持冷静及避免存有戒心的情况下采用策略。在挑战篇中,有凯萨琳做为一个范例,你将会有个好的开始。You’ve collected the data, done the analysis, made the forecasts. Now, you must be able to clearly explain your conclusions. After completing this week, you’ll be more prepared for this difficult task. You’ll practice useful language for describing the whole story represented in your charts and graphs and use strategies for staying calm and avoiding defensiveness when challenged. With Catherine as a model in The Challenge, you’ll be off to a good start.

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